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Ceridian Expense Reporting Partnership


DATABASICS, a Gold partner of Ceridian, brings its extensive experience integrating its expense reporting services with the powerful offerings of Ceridian’s HCM (human capital management) services.

Plus, DATABASICS is proud to be the winner of the 2018 Software Partner Innovation Award from Ceridian.

ceridian expense reporting partner

When DATABASICS and Ceridian customers combine these two essential systems, they see benefits like improved processing time and more control through real-time analytics and increased visibility. Bringing together these systems also allows customers to take advantage of a simple user experience, mobile apps, and a dedicated implementation and support team.

Ceridian customers in industries all over the world, from manufacturing to federal contracting and everything in between, will find great value in combining their trusted HCM platform with the functional breadth and flexibility of the DATABASICS employee reporting platform. DATABASICS’ solution includes Ceridian expense reporting integrations that meet the needs of a broad range of organizations, including:

  • Federal contractors looking to fulfill their DCAA audit requirements and manage per diem-based charge-backs for travel expenses.
  • Nonprofits who need to distribute expenses over their funding sources.
  • Manufacturers who need support for multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language and other localization requirements associated with global operations.
  • Finance and Professional Service providers who need flexible work-breakdown project structures.
  • Life Science companies in need of support for the Sunshine Act with its tracking of aggregate spend on physician marketing and education.

If you’ve got complex requirements, DATABASICS has the experience and the simple answers you need to get your system running efficiently and intelligently. Essential tools take care of complex processes like cost allocations, multiple currencies, multiple languages, audits, and per diems, all out of the box.

If you’d like to see DATABASICS in action, reach out to our sales to request a live demo of our Ceridian expense reporting integration:

ceridian expense reporting