DCAA-Compliant Time & Expense Software

DCAA-Compliant Time & Expense Software

Automate compliance with complex DCAA requirements

If you’re looking for DCAA compliant software, what you really need is DCAA compliant time and expense software. DCAA compliant time and expense is critical for federal contractors. Time tracking and expense reporting software can support all DCAA requirements.

DCAA Compliant Time and Expense Software

Government contractors need to manage all their requirements. This software assists with DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency), FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations), Federal Travel Regulations, and DOL (Department of Labor) rules. As a result, federal contractors can improve the user experience.

DATABASICS Time & Expense is DCAA-compliant time and expense software. Enterprise and mid-size government contractors trust this tool to manage compliance. In addition, it can improve the user experience.

DCAA compliance is built in. Government contracting is made simpler. That’s because there’s no need to configure individual rules. As a result, federal contractors don’t have to wonder whether the system will pass audit. With DATABASICS, timesheets and expense reports are validated against policies before they are submitted for approval. Consequently, processing and controls are streamlined.

Expense reporting. 

Expense reporting has many rules. Federal contractors can be confident. The software can handle per diems, audits, policy management, and more. For instance, the major features of DATABASICS Expense are:

  • It works with all major ERP Solutions. The software works directly with Deltek Time, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Intacct, and Blackbaud.
  • It uses GSA per diem rates. Calculate and update rates using GSA official per diems. Similarly, these rates are updated for CONUS and OCONUS travel.
  • You can get travel authorization and cash advance tracking. For example, federal contractors can get approval before their trip.
  • It’s easy to track allowable/unallowable expenses. In short, separating types of expense tracking is one way to meet federal government rules.

Are your expense reports DCAA compliant? Take the quiz using this free checklist:

FREE Checklist Are Your Expense Reports DCAA Compliant?

Time tracking.

Government contractors have special timesheet needs. DATABASICS Time ends floor check anxiety. For instance, these are the key features of DATABASICS Time:

  • DCAA time entry policy enforcement. Firstly, all timesheets are sent through a validation process. As a result, the timesheet must be compliant before it goes to an approver.
  • Complete audit trail. You can track all actions. Therefore, it’s easy to comply with the audit process.
  • Direct and indirect cost separation. Moreover, get reports on costs of both types.
  • Flexible workflows. Federal contractors have different workflows than other industries. So, you can make your workflow work for you.

Are your timesheets DCAA compliant? Test your compliance with this free checklist:

FREE Checklist Are Your Timesheets DCAA Compliant?

DATABASICS Time and DATABASICS Expense are available separately. However, they work better together for federal contractors.

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