Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

Future-proof your organization with an easy to use scalable solution

DATABASICS offers powerful solutions in a scalable employee management system that grows with you. Full adaptability with an agile system means you’re investing in a future-proof partnership.

Tailored Solution

The complete one-system employee management and reporting solution

Things change. That’s why we created a system that changes with you. The only thing that comes standard with our system is its flexibility, providing users with a seamless cloud experience even through your growth spurts. Do more in less time with a perpetually adaptive structure.

Get a smart one-system solution:

  • Individual users can use the system to suit their needs, allowing them access to the parts of the system their role requires.
  • Employee work life is made easier around the globe when one system is used for all employees across multiple departments, locations, and even countries.
  • Finance teams get full integration and accounts payable gain flexibility with their business rules options while HR managers and business travelers have the same capabilities whether they’re working on mobile or on desktop.

Save time and money:

  • Full configurability makes your process and workflows more efficient.
  • Enhanced, thoughtfully-designed and intuitive dashboards leave users with less clutter.
  • Fewer options on the screen mean users do less digging around on the system, leading them to make fewer errors (which means less time spent tracking and correcting errors).

Have more power:

Reporting tools for your unique requirements.

Supporting the most unique rules and requirements means that you can get reports on what you need, not what most organizations like you need. Get what you need with ad hoc reporting and tailored data elements.

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