Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

Future-proof your organization with a solution that grows with you

DATABASICS offers powerful solutions in a scalable employee management system that grows with you. Full adaptability with an agile system means you’re investing in a future-proof partnership.

Tailored Solution

Building the right solution for your unique business requirements.

Things change. That’s why we created a system that changes with you, a “future-proof” system. The only thing that comes standard with our system is its flexibility, providing users with a seamless cloud-based experience throughout your growth spurts. Do more in less time with a perpetually adaptive structure.

Get a smart all-in-one system:

  • End users and admins have access to a system built specifically to suit their work needs, allowing them access to the parts of the system their role requires
  • Employee work life is made easier when they don’t have to jump around systems, with an intuitive all-in-one system that increases employees satisfaction and productivity
  • Finance teams gain full control over spend and are given the flexibility to build or modify business rules
  • HR managers have full visibility into employee activity and can easily manage leave and resources while ensuring compliance
  • Business travelers can easily submit their expenses or time on projects, all from their mobile device or laptop

Save time and money:

  • Fulfill your unique business requirements without workarounds that streamline processes, control costs, and increase your bottom line
  • Built-in business rules and workflows ensure policy compliance, eliminate misunderstandings, and place tight controls on spend
  • Robust reporting and analytics offer built-in budgeting with business intelligence insights, empowering managers to make better business decisions
  • An all-in-one system empowers organizations with transparency by centralizing  systems, the ideal solution for global companies, multi-ERP, or multi-companies
  • Seamless integrations opens the communication between your existing business systems, creates full transparency, stops spend leakage, and creates significant savings across all critical departments

Have more power:

Reporting tools for your unique requirements.

Supporting the most unique rules and requirements means that you can get reports on what you need, not what most organizations like you need. Get what you need with ad hoc reporting and tailored data elements.

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