Expense Audits Get Flexible with DATABASICS Module

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Expense Audits Get Flexible with DATABASICS Module

First industry module to empower customers to conduct in-house or outsourced audits

Reston, VA — October 4th, 2010 — DATABASICS, provider of the foremost expense reporting solution for the agile enterprise, today announced the release of the industry’s most versatile Expense Reporting Audit Module. Available immediately for DATABASICS Expense Reporting Customers, the Audit Module gives enterprises the flexibility to conduct audits either using the DATABASICS platform, in-house, or through a third-party of their choosing. With the DATABASICS Expense Reporting Audit Module, no special skills or capabilities are needed to perform efficient, accurate audits. Like all modules of the DATABASICS Expense Reporting solution, the new Audit Module is easily configurable and highly flexible to work within each customer’s unique business environment.

“We’ve given enterprises an unprecedented amount of flexibility for conducting expense audits,” said DATABASICS CTO Marcel Syriani. “Our overarching philosophy is to empower our customers to manage expense reporting processes in the way that makes the most sense for them, and the Audit Module is another concrete example of this approach.”

The DATABASICS Audit Module selects reports for review based upon customer-defined policy filters. Filters can be assigned to specific auditors so workloads can be dynamically and efficiently distributed. The Audit Module presents expense report line items and receipts side-by-side. Separate scroll controls, “group by” options and report drill-down make the review process simple and fast. The reviewer clicks either “pass” or “fail” for each line item and can choose from a customer-determined set of reasons for failures. Additionally, notes may be provided if the situation warrants. The Audit Module can be used at any point in an approval workflow. Reporting supports analysis of virtually any depth.

The Expense Report Auditing Module supports the full range of auditing, including:

  • Receipt/transaction matching
  • Policy compliance to ad hoc investigations
  • Unified screen presentation of receipts, transactions and status
  • User-definable criteria for report selection, including random sampling
  • Different criteria for different auditors
  • A complete audit trail
  • Special security provisions for outsourcing

Each installation of DATABASICS Expense Reporting is configured to meet the specific needs of the enterprise, with competitive pricing and best-in-class service and support.