DATABASICS Expense Reporting and Time Tracking Go Mobile

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DATABASICS Expense Reporting and Time Tracking Go Mobile

DATABASICS Expense Reporting and Time Tracking Web App’s are now available for both mobile and tablet devices. All major platforms—iPhone, Android, and Blackberry—are supported with DATABASICS’ full functionality.

Reston, VA — March 5th, 2012 — DATABASICS announced the general availability of mobile versions of its Expense Reporting and Time Tracking products. Now expense reports and time sheets can be entered and approved using smart phones and tablets. The mobile versions work seamlessly with the rest of the DATABASICS environment. They also offer all the capabilities including receipt capture, multiple currency, project distribution and per diem calculations. Major platforms are supported including iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

While these versions extend the convenience and flexibility of DATABASICS solutions, they also are secure. No data is kept on the mobile or tablet device. And because the versions are based upon second generation mobile technology, HTML 5, deployment to and support of an organization’s user community is easily and efficiently managed.

According to Marcel Syriani, DATABASICS CTO, “The emerging HTML 5 standard is the new way to deliver Web App’s in a mobile environment. Because no data is stored locally, HTML 5 represents a major advance in security. Security is critical to our customers and that’s the main reason we made HTML 5 the foundation of these versions. Another very important advantage it provides is that it enables software to work reliably across a rapidly changing spectrum of devices. Organizations today typically do not own or even control the mobile and tablet devices used by their employees. Any mobile deployment strategy that cannot ride above device differences will face major challenges. Our customers want the mobile environment to work for everyone without a lot of hand-holding and trouble-shooting. I believe we have a great answer for them.”