DATABASICS Enhances Canadian Expense Reporting Solution

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DATABASICS Enhances Canadian Expense Reporting Solution

DATABASICS has extended its Expense Reporting solution to meet more thoroughly the specific needs of Canadian organizations. Added capabilities address language, taxation, and mileage rate calculation requirements.

Reston, VA. June 27th, 2012 — DATABASICS ( announced today the general availability of a new set of features that directly addresses the expense reporting challenges faced by Canadian organizations. The features supplement existing support for the French language, VAT, and currency conversion.

With this release, DATABASICS Canadian customers can easily, fully and confidently enforce Quebec’s Charter of the French Language. Multi-language has been extended to customer-entered data. For each code there can be separate French and English descriptions. Cumbersome, error-prone code and policy repetition is eliminated. Complementing the software changes, DATABASICS has added Customer Support in French.

The release also makes sales tax reporting easier with auto-calculation of GST, HST, PST and QST. Additionally, Local fax numbers are provided for receipt imaging, and kilometer rates based upon cumulative travel facilitate the kilometer reimbursement process.

According to Marcel Syriani, DATABASICS CTO, “These improvements for our Canadian customers exemplify our approach to expense reporting: we are problem solvers. We don’t content ourselves with 80% solutions and say that’s good enough. It there are outstanding issues for our customers we want to know about them and deal with them.”