New on ADP Marketplace: DATABASICS Time + Expense Employee Reporting Solutions

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New on ADP Marketplace: DATABASICS Time + Expense Employee Reporting Solutions

RESTON, VA – February 24, 2015 – DATABASICS,, a leading provider of cloud-based time tracking and expense reporting solutions is pleased to announce the availability of its products, DATABASICS Time and DATABASICS Expense on ADP’s Marketplace. As a result, ADP customers can rely upon a proven, highly efficient, easily managed and reliable interface between ADP and DATABASICS.

The ADP Marketplace gives clients, partner companies and application developers access to its application programming interfaces (APIs) through a secure cloud platform. By accessing ADP’s APIs, companies can enhance data-sharing capabilities across their enterprise applications with a single set of workforce data. This will enable companies to automate a variety of workforce management tasks that previously required employers to manage them across multiple platforms. In addition, clients, partner companies and application developers will be able to leverage the APIs to enable access to the partners’ newly created and innovative applications and to upload their applications for purchase in the ADP Marketplace.

DATABASICS Time and DATABASICS Expense are accessible through traditional as well as mobile devices. ADP customers can use either solution as a standalone or together as a single employee reporting platform. The integration with ADP benefits a broad range of organizations, but the DATABASICS platform has been shown to be of particular value to industries which require special industry-specific adaptations, such as pharmaceutical companies, retail, professional services, non-profits and federal contractors.

Michael Jacques, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at DATABASICS commented, “Our timesheet and expense report platform used in conjunction with ADP is the most powerful solution of its kind. We think the ADP Marketplace is a great way to showcase the outstanding options we offer ADP customers.”

“Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, integrating data and workflows across applications is critical to effectively managing your organization. Yet, most organizations today are still hampered by islands of information that are stuck inside HR and other business systems” said Don Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Product Management, ADP. “The ADP Marketplace will help clients simplify data-sharing by providing real-time integration with other key enterprise applications and reducing deployment times with pre-built integrations. The solutions DATABASICS is offering are a great fit for what the Marketplace was built to do.”