New Features Announced for Time Management Solution

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New Features Announced for Time Management Solution

Reston, VA – September 29, 2016 – DATABASICS, a leading provider of cloud-based Time Management & Expense Reporting solutions, announces the immediate availability of its new features for its Time and Attendance tracking. These capabilities enable firms to measure time-in and time-out for specific projects, to ensure accurate and timely billing, along with an audit trail for clients and regulators.

Time and Attendance Tracking in Real-Time

The Time Tracking Imperative
Marcel Syriani, DATABASICS Chief Technology Officer, said “Keeping accurate track of billable hours – and even billable minutes – is an imperative for firms involved in project billing, including professional services and construction; not to mention firms doing business with the government, where regulations require sophisticated time keeping.”

New Features of the DATABASICS Time and Attendance Solution

  • Start-Stop Clock Function
    Track actual time and spending with the Start-Stop clock function. This is critical for project tracking, as well as field worker time management.  This feature also enables automatic insertion of hours into a current timesheet.
  • Capture GPS & IP Addresses
    This feature adds location data – both geographic and digital – to time data, providing an accurate picture of what’s happening on the ground, when it’s happening, and where.
  • Auto-Stop
    Based on user or manager preference, or based on policy, this feature enables the ability to auto-stop according to specific timeframes.
  • Mobile and Desktop
    These features are available on both our Mobile and Desktop versions, enabling a user to start work on a project on his/her mobile device, and then stop and start another project while they are on their laptop.


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