DATABASICS Announces Release of Version 6.3

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DATABASICS Announces Release of Version 6.3

RESTON, VA – February 16, 2017 – DATABASICS is proud to announce its release of version 6.3.

In DATABASICS 6.3, your feedback has led to improvements in features and functionality designed to innovate and simplify your work day. And the best part is — no retraining required. We just streamlined things to make it easier for you and your teams to report expenses and manage timesheets more efficiently.

We have also introduced new features:

Google Maps

  • Google Maps is now supported on both Desktop & Mobile.
  • Added additional stops with a maximum of up to 15 stops in one day.

Shared Approval Queue

  • The approver now has the ability for multiple approvers to set their own filters in the same queue so they can divide the work when they have a large number of timesheets or expense reports that need approval.

Clock In & Clock Out (Start & Stop Module)

  • The user now has the ability to attach documents or take a picture of a work around while working on a specific job. The map is displayed for the employee location whenever they Start and Stop Time on a specific task.

NOTE: Current production will not be upgraded automatically to version 6.3. You can with no cost, request to upgrade your project site to DATABASICS 6.3 for your review before we upgrade your production.

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DATABASICS provides cloud-based, next generation Expense Reporting, Timesheet Management, and Invoice Processing automation. Specializing in meeting the most rigorous requirements, DATABASICS offers the highest level of service to its customers around the world.  DATABASICS is relied upon by leading organizations representing the major sectors of the global economy: financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, research, retail, engineering, non-profits/NGOs, technology, federal contractors, and more.

DATABASICS is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.  For more information, please visit: