Geo-fencing & GPS For Employee Time Tracking Software Now Available from DATABASICS

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Geo-fencing & GPS For Employee Time Tracking Software Now Available from DATABASICS

RESTON, VA – March 31, 2017 – DATABASICS provided details today on its latest offering: geo-fencing & GPS tracking for employers to use in conjunction with DATABASICS Time.

A geo-fence is a virtual radius or perimeter within the real world. Incorporating this into employee time tracking means that administrators can input a set of real GPS coordinates related to their worksite within a specific radius. Then, time clock in & clock out software with GPS tracking keeps track of not only when the employees clock in, but where they clock in.

In compliance with Fair Labor laws, this module takes the workload off of employers by ensuring that employees are able to clock in only at the job site and only according to the employer’s rules.

Also possible with this technology are innovations in the way projects are tracked and restrictions on the very device that users can use to clock in. A shared device can become a clock-in work station or, at the employer’s discretion, employees can also use the device already in their pocket to clock in since their device is registered within the system. This also makes it much more difficult to have one employee clock in for another, decreasing the problem of buddy punching.

One of the many features of this module is that the Time app integrates with Google Maps so that managers get a full picture of the location of their employees/contractors when they’re logged into the system. This also creates a trail of data for auditability and verification of time worked. Plus, employees benefit because they’re fairly and accurately paid.

Those in the contracting, home nursing, law, consulting, and retail industries will definitely benefit from using this new feature of DATABASICS Time. Combined with the power of DATABASICS Expense, it’s now possible to take advantage of an all-encompassing single-system employee reporting hub that brings together approval, billing, costing, and payroll.

Look for more updates on the innovations we’re bringing to Time Tracking and Expense Reporting on our blog.

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