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RESTON, VA – April 3, 2017 — DATABASICS is gearing up for the 18th annual NAPCP Commercial Card & Payment Conference to take place next week, April 10th-April 18th in Houston, Texas.

You can find DATABASICS taking the stage during a breakout session titled “Realizing Successful Global P-Card Management: Implementation 3.0.” Presented by Warren Gofstein, Regional Director of Sales, the session will lead attendees in discussion of how to implement a successful international P-Card control environment, how important it is to leverage automation, how to solve and anticipate internal change management challenges, the role of the Millennial in P-Cards, and innovations in P-Card management.

Before and after the breakout session, DATABASICS will be at Booth #24, where guests can stop and ask questions about P-Card program management. For any company expanding globally or just trying to manage P-Cards using the most innovative solutions, DATABASICS offers its expertise in assisting to solve P-Card headaches.

Get more details about the breakout session here. We look forward to seeing you there!

Look for more updates on the innovations we’re bringing to Time Tracking and Expense Reporting on our blog.

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