Reimbursement & Vendor Payments

Reimbursement & Vendor Payments

Simplifying payment services

With DATABASICS Expense Reporting and Vendor Invoice Management, employee reimbursement and vendor remittances are easy, fast, secure, and accurate.

Employee Reimbursement & Vendor Payments

Improve vendor relationships and manage timely payments with real-time balance & status updates.

For U.S.-based transactions, DATABASICS provides ACH services for quicker and faster employee reimbursement and vendor payment processing. Customers can designate multiple fund sources based on business unit, location, or other criteria.

DATABASICS, acting on the customer’s behalf, distributes customer-approved payments to the designated beneficiaries. Beneficiaries receive an email notification of impending payment. Employees who elect to use the ACH service can use the DATABASICS self-service setup to receive electronic expense reimbursements.

For company card payments, DATABASICS processes approved expense reports with card charges and produces a Remittance File. The Remittance File details the amounts being paid by card number. This file is forwarded to the card issuer along with payment. A customer may choose to pay multiple cards through this service.

For international and cross-border payments, DATABASICS teams with Western Union Business Solutions. Currently, this service is being offered to DATABASICS Expense Reporting and Vendor Invoice Management customers in Canada with expansion to other countries planned for the near future.

For all DATABASICS payment solutions, DATABASICS provides the key reports needed to make internal control and General Ledger reconciliation simple and straight-forward.

Key reporting to provide you with the business intelligence you need.

Reduce your business development costs and increase your win rates with analytics that provide the data you need to make the best decisions for your organization.

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