Mid-Market Time & Expense

Mid-Market Time & Expense

Accommodating the full range of mid-market time & expense requirements

According to an Aberdeen Group report, only 28% of mid-market organizations are taking advantage of cloud-based expense tools even though 62% say they need a way to reduce costs, better manage their workload, and consolidate their processes. DATABASICS Time + Expense is just the right tool for mid-market time & expense.

Mid-Market Time & Expense Software

Streamlining mid-market accounting processes with a proven solution.

 Ease of Use
Mid-market time & expense software designed for real people that requires little to no training.

Message notification with DATABASICS Time & Expense software Policy Compliance
Automated policy compliance reduces the workload and ensures that business and legislative policies are followed.

DATABASICS uses cloud software for any kind of mobile access Mobile Solutions
Employees can use the mobile device already in their pocket to submit or even approve timesheets and expense reports.

Real-time Visibility
An Aberdeen Group report suggested that 45% of mid-market organizations failed to track their expense spending. Don’t be one of those companies! Get actionable insights and improved business intelligence.

 Project Management
Improve your planning and budgeting processes by tracking expenses down to the project, client, customer, event, or other type of categorization for a more detailed look at your organization’s spend and ROI.

Two gears represent DATABASICS accounts payable integrations Bi-Directional Integrations
Direct integrations with your major business systems, from accounting and HR to payroll, travel booking, compliance, and credit cards.

Per-diem Management Per Diem Management
The DATABASICS Expense per diem engine enables customers to manage complex per diem rules, whether defined by statute or negotiated with unions or work councils.

Spend Forecasting
Better predict future performance by aligning your organization’s goals with your expense and labor management.

Icon for improving visibility with DATABASICS Time & Expense Auditing
The DATABASICS auditing module is a powerful method for preventing fraud, improving policies, and gathering insights on opportunities to reduce spend.

Protection of Personal Data
Adheres to the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), Canada’s PIPEDA (Personal Information Privacy and Electronic Documents Act), and other mandated standards.

Workflow & Policy Enforcement Workflow & Policy Management
With the power and flexibility of approval workflow and compliance rules, you can accommodate, in a single system, the entire spectrum of your mid-market requirements.

Implementation & Support Implementation & Support
Professional Services and Support Teams have extensive experience with mid-market roll-outs. You can rely on their knowledge, efficiency, and outstanding responsiveness.

Reports and analytics on mid-market accounting processes.

Enforce policy and audit your mid-market organization more easily.

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