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Sunshine Act (Open Payments)

Built-in Compliance with Our Expense Solution

The Sunshine Act (also known as The Open Payments Program) is creating challenges for companies who now need to collect and manage a new set of data. If your company provides medical devices, supplies, or drugs to physicians or medical centers, you’re now required to report all payments and gifts you might give to those customers.

Our trained and experienced staff have the resources and tools to help you, and we have helped many customers meet the new stringent requirements of the Sunshine Act while addressing all stages of the aggregate spend journey.

DATABASICS Expense ensures HCP compliance with a proven solution for aggregate spend reporting.

With DATABASICS Expense, our customer can:
  • Aggregate spend reporting solution — capture and track special expenses related to the Sunshine Act (Open Payments).
  • Create easy and accurate reports as mandated.
  • Know they manage this data with a controlled, efficient, and auditable process.
  • Ensures HCP reporting compliance and risk mitigation.
  • Have real-time insight to aggregate spend reporting.
  • Enhancements to Expense allow for NPI file maintenance and tagging, distribution of costs across event attendees, payment filtering, and accumulation by payee.

For an overview of the record-keeping requirements, see our White Paper on the Sunshine Act.

Go Mobile

Employee reporting should be hassle-free. Why limit your employees to work on expense reports and timesheets from a computer? With the DATABASICS Mobile App, submitting or approving reports is easy and convenient from any phone, tablet, and other mobile device!

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