Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Intuitive business intelligence at your fingertips

DATABASICS’ solutions capture a wealth of information about critical business processes. With many other systems, that wealth is “buried treasure.” You can’t get at what you’d like to know. DATABASICS Analytics gives you a state-of-the-art capability to discover, analyze, communicate and improve how you operate.

Analytics & Reporting

With DATABASICS Analytics, it isn’t a matter of powerful or easy. It’s powerful and easy.

Of course, we have built-in reports. But today you have to be able to go beyond fixed presentations of what someone else thinks you ought to know.  Our Analytics let you pursue your line of inquiry without distracting you with technical mechanics. A drag-and-drop interface with graphic visualizations gives you the freedom to find crucial answers–from identifying approval bottlenecks, over-budget projects, and questionable travel expenses to refining business rules.  Want to monitor a particular activity?  Set up a dashboard. Or build a report for a list of subscribers that automatically runs on a schedule. It’s simple with DATABASICS.

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