Customer Service

Customer Service

Service shouldn’t be an afterthought

Customer Service

Customer Service is essential to our solutions. To be outstanding, a product has to have outstanding people backing it up. From the beginning, DATABASICS has invested in the staff and systems to deliver to our customers the highest levels of advice, expertise and responsiveness.

DATABASICS has always understood that customer success depends not only on technology, but proper needs analysis, an implementation that adapts to our customers goals, resources and culture, and rapid resolution of any problems that may arise.

We are very proud of our Customer Service organization. Its quality has been recognized with numerous industry awards:

More important to us, though, is what our customers have said about us:

“We have always found the staff in DATABASICS to be co-operative and courteous when we request additional reporting features and system customization for our business needs. They are always quick to respond and are helpful at all times. I would like to congratulate them for their support and professionalism. DATABASICS has always been a joy to work with.”
–Critical Path Ireland

” I have been very impressed with DATABASICS support service, their commitment and high level of service. They respond very quickly to my requests for assistance. I generally receive a phone call within a matter of minutes of sending a message to them and the problem is generally resolved soon after.”

“Customer rep helped us made this system function as we expected it to work. From the start, he took the time to sit down with the team to understand our project needs. We understand this is common for implementations but what stood out what his willingness to understand the intricacies of our program and mutually work to develop solutions that work for us (and not just implement solutions that other companies have used).”

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