DATABASICS Time & Expense™

DATABASICS Time & Expense™

All-in-One Time Tracking and Expense Reporting

DATABASICS Time & Expense brings together our world-class employee reporting solutions in a single, cloud-based platform. With no compromises.

Time and Expense Tracking Software In The Cloud

With DATABASICS Time & Expense, you no longer need to mix and match time and expense management solutions. Or put up with time and expense reporting bundles where one doesn’t meet the grade.

DATABASICS Time & Expense comes packed with all the features you need to streamline the processing of your timesheets and expense reports. No more inconsistencies across your systems. No more confusion from having different ways of doing the same thing. And finally, an end to the struggle of pulling together labor and expense data.

It’s a breakthrough in ease of use and efficiency without sacrificing capability. Really.

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