Ease of Use

Ease of Use

A User Experience Designed for Efficiency

Your people should never spend more time and effort than is absolutely necessary to perform the tasks associated with our solutions. When we design our software, efficiency is always top of mind. Reporting time or expenses should never distract your people from focusing on the things that really make a difference to your organization. Get in easily—get out fast: that’s what our software is about.

A large part of efficiency is ease of use.  What makes software easy to use? Some of the key things we aim for are that:

  • the solution makes immediate sense;
  • if it can do something for you, it does;
  • it only asks you to do what is required for a legitimate business purpose;
  • and it is highly responsive and available wherever you want to use it.

Still, there is more to efficiency.  Process level time-wasters can also seriously affect your employees’ effectiveness.  For example, we virtually eliminate the back-and-forth with accounting over codes and allocations. We minimize the need for adjustments by reducing the opportunities for error. Our solutions, with their flexibility and scope, uproot the spreadsheet forests that grow around under-powered solutions. And, with our business rules engine and analytics, you’ll have fair warning that an approval queue is bottle necked or that a timesheet is past due for submission.

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