We’re in the business of solving time and expense problems with solutions that are the right choice for today and tomorrow.

DATABASICS delivers time and leave tracking, expense reporting, and employee purchasing management solutions that lead the industry in value, performance, and adaptability. Integrations are offered for major accounting, payroll, and HR providers. DATABASICS’ customers range from regional businesses and nonprofits to global enterprises.

Leadership through the BASICS
DATABASICS’ solutions lead the industry because they unlock the full potential of automation, as envisioned by each customer. To do this, DATABASICS has made three commitments: (1) say “Yes!” to customers’ goals and requirements, 2) ensure implementations optimize the complete customer experience, and 3) solve problems as they arise, quickly and decisively.

These commitments are the BASICS of how we work.

Saying “Yes”
For a solution to truly be a solution, it must meet the customer’s key requirements. With each customer, DATABASICS quickly and methodically identifies what the system must do. The result is a design that reflects the customer’s individual needs. Of course, implementing individualized designs is no easy task. DATABASICS specially developed its software to meet the challenge. Customer by customer, DATABASICS offers the most complete solutions available.

End-to-End Optimization
An easy-to-use, intuitive user interface (“UI”) is fundamental to a successful software implementation. DATABASICS continually refines its “UI” based on customer feedback and the latest advances in technology. Consequently, users of DATABASICS’ solutions are immediately productive and can do what they need to do with very high efficiency.

A UI, however, is only one dimension of the Customer Experience. Attention to the entire business process, from entry and approvals through integration and reporting, is key to establishing a solution’s ultimate value to an organization. Customers can depend upon DATABASICS’ solutions to ensure integrity and efficiency at every stage.

Problem-solving as Priority 1
DATABASICS understands how important its solutions are to its customers. Problems, when they occur, are often urgent. DATABASICS has organized and staffed its support team to fix problems as quickly as possible. People who know the customer are there upfront. That’s why its customer service perennially wins prestigious “Stevie” awards from the American Business Awards and a major reason why customers who choose DATABASICS, stay with DATABASICS.