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1. The Most Flexible Solutions.

Our expense reporting, timesheet and vendor invoice management systems work the way you want them to. And you can make changes yourself—you don’t have to ask us (of course we’re always there to help!).

2. Specific Industry Adaptations.

Whether you are a federal contractor, pharmaceutical company, a non-profit, a retailer or a professional services organization we have the answers to your toughest challenges.

3. Integrations to your Specifications.

We do not consider it an integration if all you get is a generic “dump” or an “API” where you do all the work (and take all the responsibility!).

4. Easy-to-Use, Multi-Generation Products.

Our solutions may be the “latest and greatest”, but more importantly, they are based upon a long line of previous versions. This has allowed us to refine the user experience to a level of exceptional ease-of-use, and tune the software so that it is highly stable and fast. We’re long past the gaps and bugs you find in systems that haven’t “paid their dues” in the real world.

5. Company Stability.

Since 1997 DATABASICS has been (profitably) providing web-based business solutions and keeping faith with its customers.   Now we provide Mobile business solutions.

6. Outstanding Up-Time, Speed and Reliability.

You can’t do much better than we have done with our Software-as-a-Service offering.

7. Full Compliance.

We maintain compliance and certification for SSAE-16, PCI, SOX, EU Safe Harbor, and more.

8. Global.

We support customers in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Our solutions are ready for international business whenever you are. Our Time, Expense, and Invoice Management solutions are global-ready, supporting such key features as:

  • Multiple languages
  • Currency conversion tables
  • International per diems
  • Kilometer-based vehicle reimbursements
  • VAT reclamation extracts
  • Variable pay periods
  • Pay rate triggers
  • Ability to deploy complex corporate structures (multi-company) as a single entity

9. Great People.

Our people get you answers faster than anyone in the industry and have deep expertise not only in our solutions but in what works best with organizations like yours.

10. Great Pricing.

Speaks for itself.  Why wait? Please go ahead and contact us to find out for yourself.

Go Mobile

Employee reporting should be hassle-free. Why limit your employees to work on expense reports and timesheets from a computer? With the DATABASICS Mobile App, submitting or approving reports is easy and convenient from any phone, tablet, and other mobile device!

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