Simplfying complex time & expense challenges.


We are problem solvers, so it makes sense that our time & expense reporting solutions do just that: they solve problems. Specifically, DATABASICS solves problems by offering adaptable software in addition to taking the time to understand our customers’ specific values, needs, and goals while relying on the experience and commitment of our team.

We started as consultants with an accounting background and we recognized a gap in the market for a tool based specifically on the individual pain points of our customers. So, we built one ourselves with the capability to configure any policy, any approval flow, and any type of integration with backend systems.

We deal with real problems that need real solutions. It’s our mission to solve each unique problem by implementing a unique solution. What do our customers get? Because we offer simplicity and adaptability above all, it can be difficult to summarize every single benefit, but here are a few:

Top 10 reasons why companies partner with DATABASICS:

  1. Fast and easy expense report and timesheet entry;
  2. Award-winning commitment to customer service;
  3. One mobile app to keep end users productive on the go;
  4. Cross policy validation between timesheets and expense reports;
  5. A centralized approval workflow;
  6. Streamlined T&E billing to include both billing hours & billing expenses;
  7. Shared budgeting;
  8. Shared project structure;
  9. One site for users, approvers, and administrators;
  10. Centralized security, compliance, and auditing.

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