Evaluating Expense Reporting Options - A Balancing Act

White Paper

Evaluating Expense Reporting Options - A Balancing Act Cover

Evaluating options for any kind of software can be a real headache. This white paper will help you better understand what the stakeholders like finance and accounting, report filers and/or approvers, travel managers, procurement, HR, and IT need in a solution. This guide will also highlight best practices for evaluating software as well as the confidence to know what to look for in Time & Expense software vendors.

Here are just a few benefits to look for:

  • Customer support at every level, from admins to end users
  • A smooth deployment and assistance with upgrades
  • Ensuring compliance & reducing risk
  • Assured return on investment
  • Simple and intuitive on-boarding with little to no training
  • Full functionality without sacrificing usability

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