Time & Expense: Simple Strategies, Effective Implementation


Easy-to-use employee time tracking software for your whole team. View real-time timesheets from anywhere and make the most of your workforce by enforcing accurate time tracking.

Expense Reporting

Simplify and automate online expense reporting and management without sacrificing control

Receipt Scan

Stop manually entering receipt data. Our optical character recognition (OCR) system makes data entry a breeze. Rather than tediously typing in the details of each purchase, receipts are scanned and OCR’d with our software.

Mobile App

A complete solution for timesheets and expense reports on the go in a simple, but efficient app that allows you to record your projects and tasks, then keep track of how much time and money you spend on each.

See why Time & Expense are better together:

  • Gain a centralized view of everything in one system
  • Make adjustments with ease during fast-moving period of change
  • Eliminate errors and redundant process and maintain compliance
  • Gain big-picture insight quickly to make better informed decisions
  • Benefit from a single view and one process for entry and approvals