Per Diem Management

Per Diem Management

Configurability balanced with simplification

DATABASICS simplifies the complexities involved in per diem management. Tracking travel expenses doesn’t have to be difficult with our innovative reimbursement/billing validation tool.

Per Diem Management

Simplify per diem management with an easy-to-use automated solution.

Simplicity. Efficiency. Automation. Our approach to per diem management leaps over the hurdle of inefficient expense reporting processing with ease. The per diem reporting system simplifies this complex challenge, but still offers configurability that meets the even most demanding of requirements. From government contractors to nonprofits, per diem management will never be the same.

Get a tailored solution:

  • Government contractors need a DCAA-compliant solution with full configurability for their complex needs, whether they’re using GSA, CONUS/OCONUS, state department, or Department of Defense rates.
  • Nonprofits and NGOs are working with employees and volunteers, while managing global initiatives across borders. DATABASICS assists with maintaining compliance and avoiding fraud.
  • Your needs are unique. This software was built to accommodate that, whether you need to manage rates from different sources, calculate allowances and deductions, or apply rules for exclusions or thresholds. These obstacles are easily overcome so your business runs more efficiently.
  • Simplifies the complexities involved in managing per diems
  • Rate table/management of multi-rate types for agility and flexibility in multiple currencies for unique employees (or groups of employees)
  • Auto-updated per diem allowances including GSA, CONUS, OCONUS tables, and other tables
  • Maintain full control over allowances/deductions, maintained as actual amounts or as a percentage
  • Allowances and deductions/validation logic calculations
  • Built-in compliance from business rules to DCAA compliance, we’ve got you covered
  • Validation against rates for travel policy compliance
  • Allowable/unallowable cost accounting
  • Accounting, reimbursement, and tax management

Seamless management of employee and corporate tax liability.

Providing support and functionality to meet statutory requirements and rules established with work councils.

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