Per Diem Management

Per Diem Management

Configurability balanced with simplification

DATABASICS simplifies the complexities involved in managing per diems. Tracking travel expenses doesn’t have to be difficult with our innovative reimbursement/billing validation engine.

Per Diem Management

Simplify & automate complex per diems with our per diem management solution

Simplicity. Efficiency. Automation. Our approach to per diem management leaps over the hurdle of inefficient expense reporting processing with ease. The per diem reporting system simplifies a complex obstacle, but still offers configurability that meets the even most demanding of requirements. From government contractors to non-profits, per diem management will never be the same.

Get a tailored solution:

  • Government contractors need a DCAA-compliant solution with full configurability for their complex needs, whether they’re using GSA, state department, or Department of Defense rates
  • Non-profits and NGOs are working with employees and volunteers, while managing global initiatives across borders. DATABASICS assists with maintaining compliance and avoiding fraud

Enjoy the most configurability:

  • DATABASICS offers an unsurpassed per diem solution for all customers, whether your company is a “rising star” or a global enterprise.
  • Maintain full control over allowances and deductions, which can be maintained as actual amounts or as a percentage of the applicable rate.

Have the simplest experience:

  • With your global needs in mind, our per diem management engine offers a comprehensive solution ready for your rollout:
  • It’s easy for users to operate travel time start/end buttons. They can also be paid for each fraction of the day they work.
  • Contract management is easier than ever with an intuitive dashboard that promotes visibility while maintaining compliance and auditability.

Seamless management of employee and corporate tax liability.

Providing support and functionality to meet statutory requirements and rules established with work councils.

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