Per Diem Management

Per Diem Expenses

Manage per diem daily expenses simply and easily

Simplify per diem management. Easily track travel per diem expenses for federal travelers.

Smarter Federal Per Diem Expense Management

Manage state department per diem expenses. Track per diem expenses for meals and incidental travel. For OCONUS & CONUS per diem tracking.

One tip for managing business travel expenses is to use per diem management software. This automation tool does the work for you when it comes to tracking federal per diems for meals and incidental expenses. Rates differ by location or zip code, so our per diem engine takes care of that for you.

How does our per diem management tool work? This solution is built to fit your expense reporting needs. Then, we help you improve compliance. Rates are updated based on each fiscal year for the continental United States and abroad. We automatically import those changes, as well as lodging, meals, and incidentals rates.

We meet specific needs for your specific industry, including tailored solutions for:

  • Government contractors need DCAA-compliant software. Therefore, we use General Services Administration (GSA) and federal per diem rates, CONUS/OCONUS rates, state department, or Department of Defense rates.
  • Nonprofits and NGOs often work across borders. So, DATABASICS provides global nonprofit local and foreign daily rates. In addition, nonprofits can simplify their operations.
  • Your needs are unique. This software was built to manage complex requirements. Federal travelers, for example, have to follow certain rules. We help contractors follow those rules. We support Department of State per diem and CONUS per diems.

Get a proven solution to all your per diem management challenges. Whether you need to better manage expenses incurred or foreign rates, we have your solution. We handle all the complexities.

  • Simplify per diem management.
  • Mange many types of per diems in multiple currencies.
  • Keep control over allowances/deductions.
  • Comply with all rules.
  • Track costs of all kinds.
  • Control accounting, expenses, and taxes.

Download PDF: Per Diem Control & Effective Management 

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