Receipt Capture & Management

Receipt Capture & Management

Capture, store, and manage receipts with ease

Dealing with receipts can be a real hassle, especially without the right tools in place. With DATABASICS Expense, it’s easy to capture, store, and manage receipts. Simply snap a photo with your mobile device and create instant expense reports. Or you can easily fax, scan, or directly attach receipts to a report. Receipt capture & management has never been easier.

Receipt Capture & Management

Automated receipt tracking software that simplifies expense reporting.

Features of DATABASICS’ Receipt Capture & Management include:

  • Receipt EXPRESS: Save even more time with our mobile app when receipts go from a picture to an expense report in a snap
  • Receipt storage: Store pictures and forwarded email receipts in the system so they don’t get lost or damaged
  • Automatic receipt attachment: Just forward email receipts with the expense report number in the subject line and they’re automatically attached to the report
  • Alerts & notifications: Approvers can get reports on missing receipts
  • Receipt matching: The system can automatically match transactions from credit cards or P-Cards with receipts
  • Report on missing receipts: Report on and flag expense reports with missing receipts

Download Guide: Receipt Capture and OCR for Expense Reporting

Benefits of DATABASICS’ Receipt Capture & Management include:

  • Ease of use: Take a picture or fax in paper receipts and forward email receipts quickly and easily
  • Reduce manual work: OCR “reads” your receipts and auto-fills relevant information into your expense reports
  • IP address tracking: Capture IP address data with each expense report submission
  • Audit trail: Detailed reporting creates a receipt full audit trail, which can be drilled down by department or by employee
  • A simpler solution for approvers: Managing paper receipts can be overwhelming because receipts can be lost or damaged while electronic receipts are always attached and don’t take up valuable desk space
  • Consolidation of receipts: Receipts can combined into a single PDF and can be easily shared by email
  • Enhance receipt management: Invoice numbers can be matched to projects and can be submited during invoicing

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