Timesheet Geo-fencing & Geo Tracker App

Automatically capture GPS & geolocation data with geo-fencing

DATABASICS’ geo-fencing timesheets capture the time and location of employee labor. Employers can easily track and manage employees out in the field. This geo tracker app uses geofence technology to make it a breeze for employees to clock in/out using their mobile device or a shared kiosk device. Accurately track not only when your employees clock in/out, but where they clock in/out.

Geo-Fencing & Geo Tracker App

Capture and track clock in/out data with built-in geo-fencing and GPS tracking

With DATABASICS Time, you get an innovative geofence solution that allows employers to use GPS and geolocation data to verify and track timesheets. Using a virtual boundary or “geo-fence” in the real world brings more control over where employees can clock in. This means that employees can use their mobile app to clock in only when they are within the perimeter of their designated work site or point of interest.

DATABASICS’ geo tracker app for Android and Apple gives companies a simplified solution that supports their mobile workforce while maintaining high-security environment and assured compliance. Increase visibility, control spend, and reduce fraud.

DATABASICS Time offers these key features:

  • Ease of Use: Geolocation data is captured with each clock in/out
  • Notifications: Employees get reminders to clock in/out using push notifications
  • Auto Clock-out with Reminders: Employees get automated alerts and reminders when to clock-out
  • Geo Tracker App: Mobile users have real-time access to their data, anytime, anywhere using their own mobile device
  • No Hardware Needed: Using a geo tracker app and Google Maps means there’s no third-party hardware
  • An Integrated System: Employees use one system to submit their administrative work

DATABASICS helps managers with these key features:

  • Automated Workflows: Automate operations with built-in business rules and triggers to ensure compliance
  • Project Tracking: Use geofencing software to track time to the lowest, most specific level
  • Robust Reporting: Get real-time reports for quick payroll processing, job labor costing, and timesheet approvals
  • Visit Verification: Get reports and verifications when employees go to particular sites. Reports can be drilled down by location or by employee
  • Monitoring Field Activities: Operations and dispatch teams get real-time information. Better manage teams, save time, and always be in the know
  • Audit Trail: Detailed reporting creates a full audit trail of GPS and geolocation data. Then, drill down data by department or by employee
  • An Integrated System: All data is linked, bringing together approval, billing, and payroll to the timesheet system

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