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Are you running projects, or are projects running you? Take back control with DATABASICS for professional services organizations. We offer a simple, flexible solution to give you insight into budget and resource utilization so you can deliver projects at a lower total cost. With DATABASICS Time & Expense, you get automated time tracking and expense management combined into a single system that is unmatched for visibility and flexibility. The end result is greater accuracy, faster billing and better control—so you can focus on creating more value for your clients.


How Databasics Helps Professional Services

Manage Time and Expense in a single solution

DATABASICS unifies Time and Expense management in a flexible, intuitive system that you can customize for any use case.

Capture time

Complete billing quickly and effectively with a simple, scalable solution that captures billable hours down to the billable second.

Simplify leave management

Our automated tools make it easy to manage accruals and leave requests in full accordance with your organization’s policies.

Track projects

DATABASICS gives you the tools you need to maintain billing accuracy, manage contracts and analyze costs through robust reporting and analytics.

Generate utilization reports

We give you deep insight into the utilization of your workforce so you can identify areas of improvement for optimal efficiency.

Streamline budgeting

DATABASICS delivers the data and analytics necessary to create and maintain accurate budgets.

Customer Successes

  • DATABASICS Expense has proven time and time again to be an invaluable tool for us. The support team is one of the most responsive and pleasant that I have ever experienced.

  • The people at DATABASICS have been a joy to work with. DATABASICS Expense is great and priced well.

  • We are now able to keep up with reports and receipts per manager in one secure location.

  • Our employees using the phone app are up to date. As a company, we can now see where our strengths and weaknesses are in regards to the cost of goods sold, as well as expenses.

    DATABASICS expense reporting software gives you the tools to manage compliance, corporate policies and reporting with more flexibility and less hassle.
  • SMS Holdings Corp
  • TN Farmers Insurance Co.
  • Pilot Catastrophe
  • Driving Dynamics

Why the professional services industry can reply on DATABASICS for timesheets, expense management, and more

When it comes to managing time and expense, “good enough” is never good enough. At DATABASICS, we believe in the power of better—in the power of better solutions driving better decisions for better results.

Our goal is to give you powerful tools to maximize your resources. And we’re committed to helping you work smarter so you can bring even more value to the table.


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