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DATABASICS Open Data Integrations: Payroll / HR

DATABASICS is proud to provide a full integration with ADP’s payroll, benefits and HR solution, Workforce Now. Through our partnership and participation in ADP’s Marketplace, DATABASICS offers the ADP community a powerful option for expense reporting and time capture.

  • Use, deploy and administer DATABASICS easily and efficiently
  • Track time for all employee types—salary and hourly
  • Track to projects, grants or activities at any level
  • Establish multiple timesheet reporting periods such as semi-monthly, bi-weekly and weekly
  • Use ADP earning and deduction codes
  • Compute effective cost rates for salaried employees
  • Set cost rates by projects with direct payroll integration
  • Compute or validate overtime and double time by project
  • Reimburse employee expenses through payroll
  • Track contractor and sub-contractor time and expenses independent of ADP employee time
  • End the struggle of processing receipts and hotel folios
  • Record time-in/time-out for hourly employees and optionally use geo-fencing
  • Ensure full federal contracting compliance with DCAA
  • Calculate federal per diems accurately and automatically
  • Devise situation-based approval workflows
  • Fully automate leave management, including PTO request processing
  • Access DATABASICS anytime, anywhere with full-featured mobile apps

DATABASICS and ADP are simply better together. With these two powerful systems, you’ll be ready to meet today’s challenges—and embrace the future with confidence.