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APS Payroll

DATABASICS Open Data Integrations: Accounting

Time tracking and expense management are laborious and cost-demanding tasks for many organizations, which necessitates a reliable, streamlined process. That’s where DATABASICS Time and Expense steps in, offering APS Payroll customers a comprehensive solution that responds effectively to the needs of employees, managers, and accounting teams.

Our platform seamlessly facilitates bidirectional data exchanges with APS Payroll, promptly updating employee profiles, workflow details, and reimbursement information. This robust integration enhances APS Payroll’s offerings, leading to noticeable savings in staff time, accelerated processing, optimized cost control, stricter compliance enforcement, and providing robust reporting on all time and expenses.



  • Usability: APS and DATABASICS ensure an intuitive, user-friendly experience, simplifying complex processes.
  • Flexibility: Both systems seamlessly integrate, accommodating diverse business needs for varied clientele.
  • Control: Offer superior management control over data, enhancing decision-making, and organizational efficiency.
  • Visibility: Provide transparent, real-time insight into business operations, improving strategic planning.

With DATABASICS Time and Expense and APS Payroll working in harmony, your organization can tackle the most intricate time and expense-related challenges efficiently while providing an accessible, user-friendly solution to your team that includes mobile apps. This effective pairing combines the cutting-edge technology of DATABASICS Time and Expense with APS Payroll’s trusted workforce management solutions, simplifying the critical processes of time tracking and expense management. Consequently, businesses of all sizes and industries are delivered a user-friendly, unified solution that guarantees both functionality and satisfaction.