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DATABASICS Open Data Integrations: Accounting

Our SAP timesheets and expense reporting integration provides your team with a fully unified, smarter, more intuitive system that makes time and expense reporting simpler, easier and more efficient than deploying separate solutions for each.

  • Use, deploy and administer DATABASICS timesheets and expense reports easily and efficiently
  • Track time for all employee types—salary and hourly
  • Track time and expense by project, client, employee and other dimensions with real-time visibility
  • Manage the diverse requirements of multiple companies with a single DATABASICS site
  • Establish multiple timesheet reporting periods such as semi-monthly, bi-weekly and weekly
  • End the struggle of processing receipts and hotel folios
  • Record time-in/time-out for hourly employees and optionally use geo-fencing
  • Ensure full federal contracting compliance with DCAA
  • Calculate federal per diems accurately and automatically
  • Bring together time tracking and expense reporting to capture labor, project and expense data in one unified platform that works seamlessly with Dynamics SL
  • Devise situation-based approval workflows
  • Fully automate leave management including PTO request processing
  • Capture global activity with support for multi-currency, VAT, multi-language, work rules and other localizations
  • Access DATABASICS anytime, anywhere with full-featured mobile apps
  • Access 24/7 help from our award-winning, nationally recognized customer service team

DATABASICS and SAP are simply better together. These two powerful systems, working seamlessly, give you the tools you need to meet today’s challenges—and embrace the future with confidence.