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Automated cloud-based Time & Expense software that scales with your business

JD Edwards
DATABASICS Open Data Integrations: Accounting / ERP

The DATABASICS Time & Expense integration with JD Edwards combines two powerful systems into one centralized employee reporting hub. For more simplification and more productivity, leverage the DATABASICS integration.

Provide your managers and admins with a smarter, more intuitive system that makes tracking, compliance, reporting, and analysis easy. Benefits of the DATABASICS Time & Expense integration with JD Edwards include:

  • A smoother, simpler experience for employees through fast & easy data entry;
  • Increased control of budgets and policies through analytics and policy compliance tools;
  • Simple maintenance of complex process, rules, and accounting logic requirements;
  • Global focus, through standard multi-language, multi-company, multi-currency and tax features;
  • Full auditability data and processes.

To see JD Edwards integrations with DATABASICS’ solutions for timekeeping and expense tracking in action, check out the WuXi CDS Case Study: Simplifying Time & Expense Reporting for the Global Market.