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JD Edwards
DATABASICS Open Data Integrations: Accounting / ERP

The DATABASICS Time & Expense integration with JD Edwards combines two powerful systems into one centralized employee reporting hub. For more simplification and more productivity, leverage the DATABASICS integration. Get a solution that solves and simplifies.

Provide your managers and admins with a smarter, more intuitive system that makes tracking, compliance, reporting, and analysis easy. Benefits of the JD Edwards expense management and timesheet solution:

  • A smoother, simpler experience for employees through fast & easy data entry;
  • Increased control of budgets and policies through analytics and policy compliance tools;
  • Simple maintenance of complex process, rules, and accounting logic requirements;
  • Global focus, through standard multi-language, multi-company, multi-currency and tax features;
  • Full auditability data and processes.

To see the JD Edwards expense management and timesheet solutions for timekeeping and expense tracking in action, check out the WuXi CDS Case Study: Simplifying Time & Expense Reporting for the Global Market.

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