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DATABASICS Open Data Integrations: Credit Card

DATABASICS Expense supports credit card transaction load and is PCI DSS Compliant. The MasterCard expense reporting software delivers out-of-the-box functionality to interface with MasterCard and other major credit card suppliers, allowing users to populate expense accounting lines with credit card data and works with most credit card suppliers and banks to schedule P-Card or Credit Card Transitions on daily basis.

DATABASICS Expense provides MasterCard expense reporting by pulling in MasterCard credit card data. It also supports two payment types:

  • Individual payment cards: With this payment type, employees who are issued an individual payment card are responsible for submitting their own expense reports, based on company policy, and paying the issuer directly for any charges.
  • Company payment cards: With company payment cards, the employer picks up the tab for all company-sanctioned charges. The employee may still pay the issuer directly for any unapproved or personal charges.
Credit Card Provider File Format Data Template Name Type of Data
MasterCard ASCII Fixed or Variable Length, Tab delimited CDF2 Daily Transaction activity
MasterCard XML XML CDF3 Daily Transaction activity