Delivering on your most demanding expense requirements

DATABASICS Expense delivers on your most demanding expense report software requirements. It minimizes your employees’ effort and was built to work across the spectrum of smart, mobile devices. End employee frustration, excessive costs, and opaque processes.

Expense Report Software

Expense management software for the modern workforce

DATABASICS Expense is expense report software that delivers on your most demanding requirements with the most “future-proof” system available. It’s global, mobile, and fully integrates into your ecosystem of applications. Whether you need to make a smooth transition or you’re ready to implement expense report software for the first time, making the move to a cloud-based system is fast, efficient, and affordable.

Easy Expense report software Data Entry  Easy Expense Report Entry
The easiest expense report is one you don’t have to do. Through automatic online transaction feeds & powerful defaults, DATABASICS’ online expense report software keeps user entry to a minimum. It’s easy, simple, and fast on any device.

Take the guess work out of your financial status with budgeting tools integrated right into DATABASICS Expense. Just upload your budget via spreadsheet and let the system do the rest. Budget by period, level, project, work breakdown structure, or your custom needs.

Expense report software Workflow & Policy Enforcement  Workflow & Policy Enforcement
With the power and flexibility of multi-tiered approval workflows and compliance rules, you can specify exactly how you want the system to manage your expense reports.

Expense Reporting & Audit  Expense Report Audit
Empower auditors to review expense reports quickly and easily. Reports can be audited at any time after posting or as a final step prior to posting. Auditors need no special training to use DATABASICS Audit. It’s really that simple and intuitive.

Expense Reporting Receipt Capture & Express Reporting Options   Receipt Capture & Management
With DATABASICS Expense, you can easily manage your receipts and do instant expense reporting with Receipt EXPRESS. Simply take a photo of your receipts the data is auto-populated for you. All you have to do it review, and then hit submit.

Expense Reporting Mileage Reimbursement  Mileage Reimbursement
Point-to-point, Google map-based mileage calculations reduces manual expense reporting effort and makes reimbursements transparent.

Expense Reporting & Analytics  Reporting & Analytics
Whether you’re an executive, administrator, or manager, gain instant insight into your expense reporting processes, from credit card reconciliation, vendor spend, and departmental reports to rules compliance and more.

Expense Reporting Project Tracking  Project Tracking
Control projects, and their resources, of any size, from the simplest to the most complex. Because the depth of work varies from project to project, so does the drill-down ability of DATABASICS Expense.

Expense Reporting & Per-diem Management  Per Diem Management
The DATABASICS Expense per diem engine enables customers to manage the most complex per diem rules whether defined by statue or negotiated with unions or work councils.

Expense report software Payment & Reimbursement  Payment & Reimbursement
Quickly and easily reimburse your employees using the best-of-breed expense reporting software with direct deposit. It’s fast, secure and accurate.

Notifications & Alerts
Users are quickly notified of their expense report rejection or approval while managers can schedule reports and notifications for missing receipts within expense reports in their approval queue.

  Multi-company Account & Code Normalization
Supports multiple coding structures in a single system. These codes can be mapped to a common enterprise structure to support roll-ups.

Expense Reporting Mobile App   Mobile App
From Apples to Androids, DATABASICS mobile apps let you submit and manage expense reporting, timesheets, and invoices from anywhere, at anytime.

Expense Reporting Implementation & Support  Implementation & Support
Your dedicated award-winning support team is with you from configuration through implementation and after. You’re always working with someone who knows how your business operates.

Global requirements met with DATABASICS Time & Expense Reporting software   Supporting Global Requirements
DATABASICS Expense has the flexibility to accommodate the full range of global requirements. The web-based DATABASICS employee platform supports international laws, taxes, languages, currencies, standards, business processes, policies, and integrations.

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How it Works

Employee reporting should be hassle free.

Submitting or approving reports is easy and convenient from any phone, tablet, or other mobile device!

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