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What We Deliver

For most organizations, automating expense reporting makes a lot of sense.  Many have already taken the step.  What happens, though, when your expense reporting software doesn’t live up to the promises?  Or can’t keep pace with technology or your ever-changing business requirements?  You end up building systems around the product to compensate for its short-comings. Before you realize you’re back to the excessive maintenance and reconciliation nightmares that you thought were leaving behind when you first automated.

DATABASICS Expense delivers on your most demanding requirements with a solution that is the most “future-proof” available.  DATABASICS Expense is global, mobile, and fully integrates into your ecosystem of applications. It’s backed by outstanding support that knows your organization and is dedicated to getting you the answers you need as quickly as possible.

If you have an automated system, moving off it is fast, efficient and affordable.  The transition for your employees is easy…  If you don’t have a system, implementation will go so smoothly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t go forward with one before.

Easy Expense Data Entry

The easiest entry is one you don’t have to do. Through automatic transaction feeds & powerful defaults, DATABASICS Expense keeps user entry to a minimum. Easy, simple, and fast on any device.

Workflow & Policy Enforcement

With the power and flexibility of DATABASICS Expense approval workflow and compliance rules, you can specify exactly how you want the system to work. Imagine!

Payment & Reimbursement

Take the next step and after their reports are approved, reimburse your employees with our ACH payment option. It’s fast, secure and accurate. Learn More

Receipt & Audit

Take a picture of your receipts with DATABASICS Receipt EXPRESS. Fax them, scan them or directly attach them—digitizing and managing your receipts couldn’t be easier. For internal audits DATABASICS Expense Report Audit, a module within Expense offers full audit capabilities.

OCR & Express Reporting Options

Our next generation capability provides EXPRESS reporting options to save you even more time. Use OCR to read receipts & auto-fill report fields for a faster, automated reporting process. Learn More

Mileage Reimbursement

Point-to-point, map-based mileage calculation reduces manual effort and makes reimbursements transparent. Learn More

Reporting & Analytics

Whether you’re an executive, administrator, or manager, gain instant insight into your processes — credit card reconciliation, vendor spend, departmental reports, rules compliance and more.

Implementation & Support

Your dedicated professional services team is with you from setup through implementation and after. You’re always working with someone you know, and more importantly, someone who knows you.

Project Tracking

Control projects, and their resources, of any size – from the simplest to the most complex. Because the depth of work varies from project to project, so does the drill-down ability of DATABASICS Time and Expense.

Per-diem management

The DATABASICS Expense per diem engine enables customers to manage the most complex per diem rules whether defined by statue or negotiated with unions or work councils.

Open Integrations

Automated Accounting Integration

Link your accounting solutions directly to DATABASICS Expense. Our bi-directional integration means your data is always current and where it needs to be with no missing details. We integrate with all major ERP, HRIS, payroll, and CRM systems.

Time Tracking Integration

Boost the power of Expense by integrating it with our Time sheet solution, DATABASICS Time. With our unified Employee Reporting platform, users have a single look and feel for their two major administrative tasks. They also have a single set of codes to work with and none of the synchronization issues you find with cross-vendor systems.

Travel Integration

Pre-fill DATABASICS Expense with travel transactions and minimize inaccuracy and entry effort. Our flexible options accommodate the major sources of transactions like booking tools, travel agencies, credit cards and p-cards.

How It Works


Your IT staff already has plenty to do. Let us run the software. Our cloud-based system has all the accessibility of an in-house solution (maybe more!), and we’ve established an outstanding up-time and performance record. With DATABASICS, Software-as-a-Service means one less thing to worry about.

Mobile Access

Everything an end-user can do on the computer-version of DATABASICS Expense, the user can do with a mobile device. Take a picture of your receipts, then submit and approve expenses from anywhere, anytime.


Get guaranteed compliance with federal and international laws. With Expense, it’s built in — DCAA, SOX, Sunshine Act, SAS-70, SSAE 16, PCI, EU Safe Harbor, and more.


With DATABASICS, it’s always about you. Our system is built to be configured the way you want it to work. A team of our highly experienced experts will guide you through the process of getting up and running with a fully successful, integrated solution. A solution, we might add, that you can administer yourself.


Put your trust in the industry’s highest standard for hosting and delivery of software-as-a-service solutions. Rest assured your data is secure with the very latest encryption technologies.


Wherever you are, wherever you want to go, DATABASICS Expense is ready. From your choice of languages, currency conversion and VAT to date formats and country-specific mandates like German per diem rules, DATABASICS Expense takes care of the details and complexities.


We work closely with you and, where indicated, with your other suppliers to make sure data is there where and when it needs to be. We have broad experience with the major accounting and travel booking systems.


Be confident that DATABASICS Expense will not only meet your needs today, but well into the future. With its unmatched flexibility, open architecture, and scalability, DATABASICS Expense is a solution that will remain your solution.