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Staffing Time Tracking & Expense Reporting

Time Tracking & Expense Management For Staffing

For staffing firms, it can truly be said that “Time is money.” Employee time is what you bill. Time and reimbursable expenses must be tracked accurately and with all the detail customer contracts require.

The contracts themselves often present reporting challenges. It’s no secret that Staffing is a highly competitive business. That means customers have considerable leverage to customize terms and conditions. What needs to be included in an invoice can vary considerably from one contract to the next. If producing an invoice takes a long time, payment is delayed. Cash flow is also affected when invoices are rejected for non-compliance.

Imagine a single system, specially designed with the power and flexibility to put your time and expense problems behind you. We have it. It is called DATABASICS Time & Expense.

Here are a few highlights of DATABASICS Time & Expense for Staffing Agencies:

  • Track to any level of contract or project. For one customer, report at the top level. For another, go three levels deep. You can do this with both Time and Expense.
  • Enter time and expenses anywhere. DATABASICS Time & Expense is fully mobile for your mobile workforce (How did staffing firms get by before mobile?).
  • Create fast, efficient approval chains. You can even include your customer.
  • Set up contract-specific business rules. This enables you to fully comply with every contract.
  • Automatically extract time and expenses to your billing system. Extracts are designed to accommodate all the time and expense information needed to produce compliant invoices.
  • Pull employee and customer information from your other systems. With DATABASICS there is no need for cumbersome, error-prone double entry.
  • Get the exact information you need when you need it. With DATABASICS reporting and analytics, utilization and contract performance information as at your fingertips in real time.
  • Substantiate attendance at any given place of work. With DATABASICS’ mobile Geo-Fencing, you have the proof if questions arise.
  • Automatically calculate mileage based on Google Maps. You can even have “commute miles” subtracted if your contracts call for it.
  • Make receipt management easy. Customers are often very demanding about how expense reimbursement requests are formatted. We machine-read the receipts and match them to corresponding credit card or line item entries in the expense report.

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