DATABASICS Time And Expense™

DATABASICS Time And Expense™

Time and expense to optimize and automate your business


We do time and expense and we do it well. As a result, you get an optimized timesheet and expense reporting solution. Automate your business with DATABASICS.

Time And Expense Software To Automate & Optimize Enterprise & Mid-Market Companies

Optimize and automate using combined time and expense

We help you optimize and automate your business. First, we let you see employee activity in real time. Next, we automate business rules and workflows. Then, you have more control over spend. As a result, you speed up employee reimbursement and payroll.

We support all industries, from professional services, nonprofits, & construction to CROs and everything in between.

Why combine timesheets and expense reports?

Combined time & expenseTime & Expenses In One
First, submit expense reports. Then, log time in the same system. Time entry and expense management in one web-based solution.

open communications for time & expenseIntegrate With Your Current Systems Sharing data between systems is critical. Bring time & expense together. Then, integrate your HR, finance, payroll, ERP, credit card, and travel systems.

increase productivity for time and expense Increase Productivity
Get simpler approvals & faster reimbursement, leading to more productive employees.

increased visiblity for time and expense See More In Real Time
Real-time dashboards drill down to your exact needs. Get reports in your inbox. Stay engaged with your data.

compliance for time and expense Gain Control & Ensure Compliance
Let the software handle compliance. As a result, you stay compliant with laws and policies.

mobile for time and expenseMobile App
Track time and expense on the go using your own device.

mileage tracking for time and expense Track Miles & Reimbursement 
Track and log mileage using Google Maps. In addition, you get full audit trails with historical data with our audit module.

 Budget Better
Take the guess work out of your resource management. To begin, just upload your budget via spreadsheet. Then, you can let the system do the rest.

Project Tracking for time and expense Track Projects
Control and manage project accounting within the same cloud-based system. Track time and expenses to projects, clients, or patients.

Reporting & Analytics for time and expenseSee Reports & Analytics
Get reports about both timesheet and expense reporting processes. For instance, you can get labor info, missing timesheets reports, and much more.

notifications for time and expenseKeep Employees Engaged
First, you can use notifications to send alerts and reminders. In addition, you can tell employees when expense report or timesheet rejections or approvals are complete. Similarly, managers can get reports in their email inbox .

Business Rules ComplianceComply With All Rules
Check timesheets and expense reports for compliance before they’re submitted. Then, employees can see what the rules are and then follow those rules. As a result, compliance is simpler than ever.

mobile time & expenseIncrease Employee Satisfaction
Employees prefer not to jump between systems. Consequently, one login can reduce workload fatigue. In addition, with one system, you can impress your employees.

Implementation & Support for time and expense Award-Winning Support
Your dedicated, award-winning support team is with you. Hence, you get support from configuration through implementation and after. As a result, you’re always working with someone who knows you. In addition, you work with someone who knows how your business operates.

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global time and expenseGet Support for Global Requirements
We give you tools for managing all your global needs. If your company works with per diems, international laws, taxes, multiple languages, multiple currencies, policies, and integrations, you’re covered.

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