DATABASICS Time + Expense

DATABASICS Time + Expense

An intuitive all-in-one time + expense system

DATABASICS Time + Expense automates two essential systems, opening communication between your business systems. The result is full transparency and streamlining of processes — saves time and controls costs across all of your critical departments.

Time + Expense Tracking Software

An easy-to-use time tracking and expense reporting system

With DATABASICS Time + Expense, organizations can gain real-time visibility in employee activity, automate business rules and workflows, control travel spend, and speed up employee reimbursement. All this is backed with 24/7 access to our dedicated award-winning customer support team.

CentralizationCentralization In The Cloud
Employees file expense reports and log their time in one system, increasing productivity, reducing administrative burden, and decreasing the number of logins and passwords for admins and employees to remember. The best part is that you have access to your data from anywhere at anytime.

  Open Communications
Wouldn’t it be nice if your HR, finance, payroll, and travel systems were all on the same page when it comes to controlling costs and maintaining compliance? With Time + Expense, your organization can find savings in time and money across all of your critical departments.

 Mobile App
Retrieve expense reporting & time tracking data from anywhere with our cloud-based software and mobile app. From Apples to Androids, you can manage expenses, timesheets, and invoices on the go.

 Increase Visibility
View 100% of costs through real-time customizable dashboards that drill down to the exact level of detail you need. Get scheduled reports through email and take advantage of the suite of canned reports to keep you up to date.

Gain Control & Ensure Compliance
Enforce business rules and let the system manage your multi-tiered approval workflows. Keep your organization compliant with support for federal, state, and international laws with detailed audit trails and tracking to keep you in firm control.

Increase Productivity
Processes are streamlined with seamless integrations with accounting, HR, travel, payroll, and other major systems. Reconciliation reports are automated and leave requests/accruals are managed automatically. Plus, users also get fast reimbursements via direct deposit.

 Mileage Tracking & Reimbursement 
Leveraging Google maps and IP addresses, our system automatically tracks and logs mileage, providing you with full transparency of GPS data. Coupled with our audit module, you get full audit trails with historical data.

Support for Global Requirements
DATABASICS Time + Expense has the flexibility to accommodate the full range of global requirements. The web-based DATABASICS employee platform supports international laws, taxes, multi-languages, multi-currencies, standards, business processes, policies, and integrations.

Project Tracking Project Tracking
Time & expense projects can be controlled and managed within the same system, from the simplest to the most complex projects. Your depth of work varies with each project and so does the drill-down ability of DATABASICS Time + Expense.

Reporting & AnalyticsReporting & Analytics
Managers, executives, and administrators can access robust reports that provide essential insight into both time & expense processes, from labor data & missing timesheets to rules compliance & credit card reconciliation.

Notifications & Alerts
Users are quickly notified of their expense report or timesheet rejection or approval while managers can schedule reports and notifications for missing timesheets or missing receipts within expense reports in their approval queue.

Business Rules ComplianceBusiness Rules Compliance
The flexible policy engine runs timesheets and expense reports against company policies and regulations to ensure that your business rules are being followed.

Time & AttendanceEmployee Satisfaction
Employees prefer to not have to jump between systems and figure out if the data is accurate or not. They want to work within a system that brings together all required processes in one place. Reduce workload fatigue and impress your employees with a simpler experience.

Multi-company Account & Code Normalization
Supports multiple coding structures in a single system. These codes can be mapped to a common enterprise structure to support roll-ups.

Implementation & SupportImplementation & Support
Your dedicated, award-winning support team is with you from configuration through implementation and after. You’re always working with someone who knows how your business operates, 24/7.

How it Works

Employee reporting should be hassle free.

Why limit your employees to work on expense reports and timesheets from a computer? Submitting or approving reports is easy and convenient from any phone, tablet, or other mobile device!

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