We work right alongside you, step by step, to get you up and running.

At DATABASICS, we work closely with your team to deliver comprehensive, personalized training to help you maximize your investment in our Time and Expense management solutions.



Conducted after configuration is completed to introduce the end user interface to the project team to start getting familiar with the system, for example:

  • How does the user input Time or Expense?
  • How does the approver reject or route the timesheet or expense to other approvers?
  • How to upload receipts
  • How to view travel policies

User & Approval

Train the trainer or the users on how to use the system on both desktop and mobile devices. Some examples are:

  • How to submit an advance request
  • How to submit PTO requests
  • How to match my receipts to credit card charges
  • How to approve some of the lines on the expense report and reject others
  • How to notify the AP group to hold payment


Train Administrators, AP Team and Payroll Team on how to administrate the system and process payments and process payroll. Some of the examples are:

  • How do I find missing timesheet and notify the employees?
  • How to process employee reimbursement to only one employee
  • How to adjust employee level
  • How to consolidate all the credit cards against the GL output

Ad Hoc Reporting

Go over the standard reports in the system and then train the administrations on how to create, modify and schedule reports. The areas we will cover include:

  • What are the types of reports you must have to process timesheets or expenses?
  • How to set up dashboards
  • Who has access to create, modify and run reports?

We tailor your training to suit your environment.

The person who leads your training is the same person involved in your configuration—designing your onboarding experience to meet the unique needs, complexities and challenges of your system.

We take a direct, hands-on approach.

Our training methodology is process-oriented and uniquely interactive. We don’t just send you a video. We listen to you and work with you directly so you know exactly what DATABASICS can do.

We invest in your success.

We put ourselves in your shoes. We learn—and speak—your unique organizational language. And we invest the time and resources necessary so you can get down to business.