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Global Functionality

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Supporting Global Requirements

Global implementations pose special challenges.  Literally, there’s a whole world of difference when requirements span national borders.  Laws vary as do taxes, languages, currencies, standards, business processes, policies, integrations—the list goes on.  DATABASICS Time & DATABASICS Expense has the flexibility to accommodate the full range of global requirements and DATABASICS people have the knowledge and experience to make your global implementation a thoroughgoing success. Here are some of our specific capabilities:

Application Localizations

DATABASICS solutions are localized with language and time zone (driving scheduled processes and notifications). They also support all commonly used time, date, numerical, and currency formats.

Currency Management

DATABASICS’ multi-currency capability performs conversions and maintains as many base currencies as needed for accounting purposes.

Language Management

DATABASICS currently offers a wide range of languages. Additional languages can be provided upon customer request. Translations are produced by experts and reviewed by native speakers prior to release.

Multi-Company Accounting and Code Normalization

DATABASICS supports multiple coding structures in a single system. These codes can be mapped to a common enterprise structure to support roll-ups.

Workflow & Policy Management

With the power and flexibility of DATABASICS approval workflow and compliance rules, you can accommodate, in a single system, the entire spectrum of your global requirements.

Tax Management

DATABASICS captures VAT (value-added tax) as well as other consumption taxes. DATABASICS also assists with recovery.

Per-diem Management

The DATABASICS Expense per diem engine enables customers to manage the most complex per diem rules whether defined by statute or negotiated with unions or work councils.

Notification Management

DATABASICS can create and send (or post) messages in the recipient’s preferred language based upon processing events and business rules.

Reporting & Analytics

DATABASICS reporting engine offers visibility into your processes from detail transactions to any level of aggregation. Standard reports are supplemented by an ad hoc capability specially designed for non-technical users.

Protection of Personal Data

DATABASICS adheres to the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), Canada’s PIPEDA (Personal Information Privacy and Electronic Documents Act) and other mandated standards.

Implementation & Support

DATABASICS Professional Services and Support Teams have extensive experience with global roll-outs.  You can rely on their knowledge, efficiency and outstanding responsiveness.