Leave Management

Leave Management

Leave of absence software for more accuracy, more transparency, and more flexibility

DATABASICS Leave Management is an employee time off tracker designed for the real world. Manage employee time off with less effort. Request and approve time off from your mobile device. Configure the solution to meet your carry-over needs. Free up your valuable HR & Payroll resources.

Leave of Absence Software & PTO Tracking Solution

Absence management software that simplifies leave tracking.

Accurate, transparent, and flexible PTO tracker. DATABASICS’ leave of absence software is everything you need to manage employee PTO with accuracy, transparency, and more flexibility–backed by an award-winning 24/7 support team.

This innovative PTO tracking technology increases transparency, gives employees more control over their time off requests, and helps managers stay in the know with analysis and reporting tools.

More time off tracker functionality:

  • Built-in business rules & compliance: From carry-over rules to enforcement of accruals, ceiling of hours accrued, paid time off (PTO), vacation (VAC), and maternity to sick leave and everything in between
  • Simple legislative compliance: Whether it’s Overtime Pay, California Family Rights Act, short-term/long-term disability, flex time, the FMLA, or pregnancy disability leave, you’re covered
  • Flexible policy engine: Add/modify policies with leave type business rule enforcement, based on contract, seniority, position, location, etc.
  • Multi-level approval & workflows: Automate your leave program with built-in business rules and workflows to specify exactly how you want the system to work
  • Real-time balance of comp accrued: Accurate lookup of leave time taken, available balances, and future balances
  • Flexible accrual methods: Accommodate the full breadth of your leave variations, including granting and taking of comp time
  • Multi-policy management: From multi-company, mergers, and acquisitions to contractual obligations
  • Comprehensive reporting: Rules & policies, up-to-date balances, policy evaluation, leave pattern analysis, and internal controls

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A simpler PTO tracking experience:

  • Managing all types of staff: All within the same system, you can manage salaried employees, part-time staff, to volunteers and contractors with ease
  • Request time off & get approval in advance: Employees have more control over their leave and admins have more notice, which aids in resource planning
  • Notifications & alerts: Customizable email alerts remind both approvers & end users to take action
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Easy-to-use system with real-time leave balances and with built-in business rules reduces the potential for misunderstandings

Increase employee leave transparency:

  • Configurable carry-over rules: Full transparency and control of carry-over policy administration and enforce earnings, carry-over rules, hours accrued cap, and usage
  • Administrator overrides with a full audit trail: Give admins the power to make changes to the leave balances of individual employees with complete audit visibility
  • Proxy ability: Users can designate their own proxies to eliminate extra work for administrators
  • Real-time comp & accrued leave: Accurate leave time taken and available balances, including future balances
  • Timesheet validation & complete audit visibility: Report on advance requests and requests that are outstanding while maintaining full control and oversight with a full audit trail

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