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Solutions Overview

Managing Travel & Expenses

A recent Aberdeen Group survey found that companies without an automated travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management service lag behind in every aspect of financial management. They incur unnecessary costs, get limited visibility into spending, and have little or no control over expenditures.

Improve visibility and quickly reduce costs with DATABASICS Expense.  Designed to meet the needs of “rising stars” to global enterprises, DATABASICS Expense is a highly flexible, scalable solution that is easily configured to meet your company’s most demanding business requirements.

With DATABASICS Expense, our customers:
  • Save up to 67%, by automating expense report processing.
  • Reduce travel spend through improved program compliance.
  • Gain visibility and insight from pre-formatted and custom reporting.
  • Fully integrate with accounting, payroll and travel systems.
  • Enter and approve reports from their mobile devices
  • Easy to use for users and admins

Companies use Expense to support nearly a million employees around the world. DATABASICS solutions are easy to use, quick to implement, and always tailored to meet your needs.


Managing Time Tracking and Control

For many organizations, there is more to time tracking than payroll. When time sheet data is also needed for project, budget, billing and other distributions, DATABASICS Time is your answer.  DATABASICS Time is designed to meet the needs of “rising stars” to global enterprises. It is easy to use, streamlines processing, and supports simple and complex projects, funding budgets, and contracts, And, as with all DATABASICS solutions, we work closely with you so that DATABASICS Time meets your organization’s unique business requirements.

With DATABASICS Time, our customers:
  • Capture time at any level of organizational or work-break down.
  • Create rules that ensure precise control over timesheet entry and approvals.
  • Integrate timesheet processing with payroll, project management, billing, budgeting, HR and accounting systems.
  • Tightly control the timesheet process with dashboards and industry-leading reporting,
  • Specify timesheet span (eg., weekly, semi-monthly, etc.) by location, class-of-employee, etc.

Time from DATABASICS is a complete time tracking solution. It’s easy to use, supports simple and complex projects, and streamlines processing. With Time, you can better manage resource use, reduce administrative overhead for time reporting, and reduce Days Outstanding for billable work.

Managing Vendor Invoice Processing & Payment

Manual Vendor Invoice processing strains vendor relations, is subject to fraud and over-payments, forfeits early-pay discounts, can lower the corporate credit rating, and frustrates those doing the processing. DATABASICS Vendor Invoice Management is a simple answer to a serious problem.

A recent survey showed the value of moving to automated invoicing – a 90% savings in AP, a 44% savings in AR and an overall error reduction of 37%. Where do these savings come from? They come from accurate data capture, tailored approval workflow, easy-to-use functions, and quick processing.

With DATABASICS Invoice, our customers can:
  • Replace stacks of paper with easily managed electronic documents
  • Enforce internal controls with flexible, multi-level, condition-based workflow.
  • Control through the review process through dashboards and industry-leading reporting
  • Integrate fully with your Accounts Payable System
  • Capture all processing activity in a secure audit trail

Go Mobile

Employee reporting should be hassle-free. Why limit your employees to work on expense reports and timesheets from a computer? With the DATABASICS Mobile App, submitting or approving reports is easy and convenient from any phone, tablet, and other mobile device!

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