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P-Card Management

P-Cards streamline the purchasing process. Still, new processes require new controls. Establishing an effective, auditable control environment for P-Cards can be a real challenge. The card issuer may provide software, but sometimes this software doesn’t go far enough.

DATABASICS P-Card Management empowers organizations to take advantage of the efficiencies of P-Cards while maintaining full oversight, allowing organizations to substantially improve P-Card management and advance beyond the limited solutions offered by banks and card providers.

P-Card Management

DATABASICS P-Card Management offers significant savings in time through accounts payable, automation, accurate reconciliation, and full visibility of P-Card spend.

  • Real time savings: Buyers, approvers, and administrators spend less time managing their P-Card program;
  • Centralized intelligence: Management, reporting, and reconciliation reside in the same place for easy visibility
  • A smooth change: The solution is quickly and easily implemented with automatic integration of P-Card processing with the card issuer and accounting system
  • Mobile access: Make full use of mobile devices for entry transaction and approval
  • Automation: Receipts are automatically matched to card transactions & receipts are read digitally through the latest in OCR technology
  • Custom rules workflows: Approval workflows follow your rules, including routing of reports based on your preferences, from item type to purchaser
  • Unmatched flexibility: Business rules analyze transactions and define actions to be taken in the event of violations
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools: Standard reports allow investigation and reporting on spend and a reporting tool is available for non-technical users to get the information they need
  • Potential waste identification: From inappropriate surcharges to tax misapplications, complete visibility helps to uncover potential refunds
  • The best in support: Our support team solves problems with industry-leading speed and efficiency


DATABASICS P-Card Expense Management solution allows organizations to substantially improve P-Card management and advance beyond the limited solutions offered by banks and card providers.

Open Integrations

Automated Accounting Integration

Link your accounting solutions directly to DATABASICS Expense. Our bi-directional integration means your data is always current and where it needs to be with no missing details. We integrate with all major ERP, HRIS, payroll, and CRM systems.

Time Tracking Integration

Boost the power of Expense by integrating it with our Time sheet solution, DATABASICS Time. With our unified Employee Reporting platform, users have a single look and feel for their two major administrative tasks. They also have a single set of codes to work with and none of the synchronization issues you find with cross-vendor systems.

Travel Integration

Pre-fill DATABASICS Expense with travel transactions and minimize inaccuracy and entry effort. Our flexible options accommodate the major sources of transactions like booking tools, travel agencies, credit cards and p-cards.