P-Card Management

P-Card Management

Get more P-Card program functionality

DATABASICS P-Card Management is a cloud-based solution that empowers organizations to take advantage of the efficiencies of P-Cards while maintaining full oversight. Allowing businesses to substantially improve their overall P-Card program and advance beyond the limited solutions offered by banks and card providers.

P-Card Management

Manage your purchasing card program with the right controls in place.

P-Cards are a great way to streamline the purchasing process. Still, new processes require controls. Establishing an effective, auditable control environment for P-Cards can be a real challenge. The card issuer may provide software, but sometimes this software doesn’t go far enough.

The DATABASICS P-Card Management solution offers significant savings in time through accounts payable, automation, accurate reconciliation, and full visibility of P-Card spend.

  • Easily reconciliation of P-Cards: Eliminate errors and duplicates by letting the system do the work for you. Data is automatically matched against credit card transaction feeds
  • Real time savings: Buyers, approvers, and administrators spend less time managing their P-Card program
  • Centralized intelligence: Management, reporting, and reconciliation reside in the same system for full visibility
  • Improved vendor relationships: Streamlined vendor payments mean that vendor relationships are improved and the payment process is more smooth, establishing a relationship of trust between you and your vendors
  • Quick implementation: This cloud-based solution is quickly and easily implemented with automatic integration of P-Card processing with the card issuer and accounting system

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  • Auditable control environment: Putting tight controls in place with a full audit trail empowers business with actionable insights and the ability to easily investigate and report on spend
  • Best-in-breed automation: Receipts are automatically matched to card transactions & receipts are read digitally through the latest in OCR technology
  • Custom rules workflows: Approval workflows follow your rules, including routing of reports based on your preferences, from item type to purchaser
  • Business rules compliance: Reduce fraud, enforce business rules, control spend, and easily create/modify P-Card program policies
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools: Built-in canned reports allow an intuitive reporting experience for non-technical users to get the information they need
  • Potential waste identification: From inappropriate surcharges to tax misapplications, complete visibility helps to uncover potential refunds
  • Mobile access: Make full use of mobile devices for easy entry transaction and quick approval
  • Award-winning support: Our support team solves problems with industry-leading speed and efficiency

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