Our easy-to-use, all-in-one time and expense tracking software solution gives you the features and flexibility you need so you can get down to business.

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Time & Expense. Better Together.

At DATABASICS, we started with a simple idea: together is better than separate -- especially when it comes to Timesheets and Expense reporting. Watch this short video to discover what makes Time & Expense better together.

Better in Every Way that Matters

  • Experience
  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Value
  • Decisions
  • Better Experience

    A single view and one process for entry and approvals equals unparalleled ease of use.

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  • Better Control

    Eliminate errors, delays and redundant processes.

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  • Better Flexibility

    Unmatched configurability makes it easy to make adjustments even during fast-moving periods of change.

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  • Better Value

    A centralized view of everything in one simple-to-deploy system saves time and money from day one.

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  • Better Decisions

    Big-picture insight enables quick and better-informed decisions.

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Feature Highlights

Explore some of the highlights of DATABASICS Time & Expense. For a full list of product features, download our product sheet >

All-in-One Solution

We offer one central system for managing attendance, submitting expenses, tracking projects and maintaining compliance.

All-in-One Solution

Employee Self-Service

Employees can access our system from anytime, anywhere, on any device to submit P-Card charges, track mileage and reimbursements, submit hours and more.

Employee Self-Service

360-Degree View

Now you can finally give payroll, accounts payable and HR total visibility into employee activity across your organization.

360-Degree View

Monitoring and Notification

Our system keeps track of all employees’ and approvers’ activities, notifying you of incomplete timesheets, missing receipts, unapplied credit charges and more.

Monitoring and Notification

Budgeting and Analytics

DATABASICS gives you the real-time data you need to create and maintain accurate budgets.

Budgeting and Analytics

Project and Grant Tracking

Our Time and Expense solution enables you to manage even the most complex reporting requirement, whether it be by fund, activity or project.

Project and Grant Tracking

Global Localization

DATABASICS is a truly global Time and Expense management system that fully and flexibly supports international policies, languages and currencies.

Global Localization

Policy Enforcement

Take control of your organization’s policies, with the data and oversight you need to monitor activity and enforce rules.

Policy Enforcement


Gain the flexibility to customize policies and procedures in full alignment with the regulations specific to your industry—no matter where you do business.


Create the Solution with our Time and expense tracking application

DATABASICS is driven to meet the most demanding Time and Expense management challenges for mid- to large-size enterprises with distributed workforces around the world. Our system provides the utmost flexibility in configuration and reporting by seamlessly integrating with almost any program or software you're already using.



Microsoft Dynamics
Sage Intacct
JD Edwards

At DATABASICS, we believe in the power of better solutions driving better decisions for better results. We understand that time is one of your most valuable resources.

And we’re committed to providing smarter, simpler, better solutions so you can spend less effort on administration—and more time getting down to business.

Customer Successes

  • We’ve become really big fans of DATABASICS Time & Expense. It works well across all of our platforms, freeing us up to focus on our clients’ work. It’s accurate, intuitive and flexible!

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  • DATABASICS is a hub for employee reporting, creating a complete reporting platform for our employees and unprecedented control and visibility for our management and leadership teams.

  • The consulting services provided by DATABASICS are outstanding. We had an aggressive implementation schedule and the high degree of professionalism and devotion to duty of DATABASICS’ consultant helped us to complete the project on time and within budget.

    DATABASICS easy-to-use, all-in-one time and expense tracking software gives you the features and flexibility you need in an expense tracking app.
  • I personally am delighted to be working with DATABASICS Time and Expense. It makes my job easier and more efficient.

    DATABASICS easy-to-use, all-in-one time and expense tracking software gives you the features and flexibility you need in an expense tracking app.
  • Not only did Time & Expense prove easy to use for our staff, but it also helped us save time and money through streamlining our processes.

    DATABASICS easy-to-use, all-in-one time and expense tracking software gives you the features and flexibility you need in an expense tracking app.
  • Shinko Electric America, Inc.
  • Stellar Solutions
  • TechSolve, Inc.