Professional Services Automation

Professional Services Automation

Next-generation time and expense professional service automation

At the core of professional services automation (PSA) is reporting by your “directs.” DATABASICS Time + Expense is a professional services automation solution that provides unmatched time and expense reporting to meet the most demanding global contractual requirements with innovative mobile technology.

Professional Services Automation

Improve your time and expense management with our professional services automation software solutions

Control projects and resources of any size, from the simplest to the most complex. Project depths vary, leaving you with a need for a business intelligence solution with drill-down capabilities.

DATABASICS Time and Expense is a cloud-based professional services automation system that gives organizations a centralized PSA solution that:

  • offers real-time visibility into spend and employee labor time tracking
  • provides cost control
  • improve margins
  • minimizes compliance risk and
  • improves workforce productivity.

DATABASICS Time and Expense is a single system to help you easily and accurately manage your contracts. Save even more time with the DATABASICS EXPRESS Reporting options: efficient next-generation expense automation technology.

With innovative best-in-breed Time & Expense, your most challenging tasks are made easy with PSA tools:

  • Match simple projects with simple structures;
  • Manage time and expense to the project level;
  • Scope to any level, even restricting who can enter charges;
  • Use a single set of charge entry codes to avoid synchronization problems with a cross-vendor system;
  • Manage complex per diem allowances (federal and other);
  • Enter data in no time with powerful defaulting;
  • Integrate your job costing, project management, payroll, and billing systems with complete transparency.

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