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Time & Attendance

DATABASICS Time & Attendance takes the pain out of monitoring employee time and attendance, labor tracking, and data collection with a global timesheet solution that gives you the visibility to maximize your resources. Our automated time tracking solution enables control of labor costs, minimizes compliance risk, and improves workforce productivity.

Time is Money

And keeping accurate track of billable hours—and even billable minutes—is imperative for organizations to measure their services in all time increments.

DATABASICS Time & Attendance (through the Start & Stop Module) enables firms to measure time-in and time-out for any specific project to ensure accurate and timely billing, creating an audit trail for clients and regulators.

Time & Attendance Features:

  • Ease of use: Track actual time/spend with a Start/Stop clock function for each specific project
  • Automation: Automatically insert hours to a current timesheet
  • Visibility: Get real-time insight into your employee labor data
  • Precision: Accuracy in payroll and reduction of errors means saving money in the long run
  • Compliance: Input your labor policies and let the system do the heavy lifting
  • Virtual time clock: User authentication for the utmost in time card security and accuracy; prevent “buddy punching”
  • GPS / Data verification: Capture GPS & IP Addresses of users for security and peace of mind; “punch in” in designated locations
  • Auditability: Reports and data-capture tools leave a trail for auditors and regulators
  • Fail-safe technology: Auto-stop asks users to stop at a specific time, ensuring accurate input

As with all DATABASICS offerings, the Time & Attendance (Start & Stop Module) is available on both Mobile & Desktop browser versions.

To learn more about the Time & Attendance contact us or call (800) 599-0434.

Time In & Time Out (Start & Stop Module)
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Time & Attendance (Start & Stop Module)

Open Integrations

Automated Accounting Integration

Link your accounting solutions directly to DATABASICS Expense. Our bi-directional integration means your data is always current and where it needs to be with no missing details. We integrate with all major ERP, HRIS, payroll, and CRM systems.

Time Tracking Integration

Boost the power of Expense by integrating it with our Time sheet solution, DATABASICS Time. With our unified Employee Reporting platform, users have a single look and feel for their two major administrative tasks. They also have a single set of codes to work with and none of the synchronization issues you find with cross-vendor systems.

Travel Integration

Pre-fill DATABASICS Expense with travel transactions and minimize inaccuracy and entry effort. Our flexible options accommodate the major sources of transactions like booking tools, travel agencies, credit cards and p-cards.