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“Thanks to DATABASICS we manage our leave management process in a system that satisfies our complex accrual and usage policy requirements. Our web application allows real time visibility, and is reliable and easy to use for end-users, management and administrators. Thanks to the DATABASICS Leave Management solution we have gained efficiency in on-boarding, status change management and separation for our staff, as well as the annual carryover event; freeing up H/R and Payroll resources to focus on higher value tasks.”

Timothy Gannon, Finance Director, National Quality Forum

“We have been utilizing Data-Basics services for over one year now. When we started we had employees in only three countries. Today, we are utilizing the services of Data-Basics in 10 countries and 7 different currencies. There is no way we would have been able to grow at this rapid of pace without any business interruption without the services of Data-Basics. ”

Christopher Caprio, Corporate Controller, Control Solutions International.

“In our collaboration we have been successful in making DATABASICS a hub for Employee Reporting. HR, Payroll, Procurement and Accounting functions are all managed in the application; creating a complete reporting platform for our employees and unprecedented control and visibility for our management and leadership teams.”

– Tyler Kim, VP Finance & Accounting and Controller

“I have personally been working with DATABASICS for several years now; the customer service is always right on target. The DATABASICS staff has always been helpful and responsive to my needs and needs of my company. We have tried using different time tracking systems over the last year for others of our clients, one example is a time tracking company called ‘Peoplenet’. They just do not compare to DATABASICS and what the staff and team support.”

Thomas A McGehee, Network Administrator, iSymphony

“We have been using DATABASICS Expense since 2008. We chose DATABASICS over Concur, as DATABASICS Expense was the only product that could accommodate our complex accounting distribution needs. The integration between DATABASICS Expense, our accounting system, and our employee credit card program, has really streamlined our expense reporting process. DATABASICS Expense is easy to use, and the workflows and email alerts allow our employees to track the status of their reports at all stages of the approval process. Last, but not least, we cannot say enough about the wonderful customer service we have received from DATABASICS, from Implementation up until today.”

Christine O’Connell- Project Manager, Information Technology,  American Chemistry Council

“In 2004, our organization began utilizing DATABASICS Time module to minimize the manual process of payroll and to accurately track project salary activity. The Time system has greatly reduced the amount of time our accounting team spends on our payroll process and has increased our productivity when reporting specific project activity for our annual audits. In 2007, our organization underwent a merger, which required our accounting team to reshape the methodology of our Time system within a very short deadline. Our DATABASICS consultant provided us support beyond normal business hours allowing us to meet our deadline and the new requirements of our organization.”

Tammy Hancock, Senior Accounting Manager, Consortium for Ocean Leadership

“We have been using TimeSite for almost 10 years without any problems. The system has proved to be efficient and reliable and easy to use web application. The support staff is always available to answer our questions. As a main administrator of TimeSite for many years, I truly can say, Thank You DATABASICS.”

Pavlinka Ratcheva, Enterprise/Financial Application Services, Teranet Inc. Toronto, Ontario

“We had outgrown our existing time and expense software, and DATABASICS was able to deploy a successful Time and Expense replacement solution on time and on budget. We worked well together because they understand our business of managing by project.”

Michael Harpenau Sr. Project Manager, IT, ABB, Inc.

“During the 5 years we have been using DATABASICS, we implemented a new accounting system that changed our general ledger structure to one that was more complicated, yet DATABASICS configured the application logic to fit our needs. The Application Consultant along with the DATABASICS’ support and customer service staff assigned to our company worked with us throughout the process from start to finish. Early spring of 2010 we began using V5 which imports our GL and WBS extract file and offers ACH direct deposit reimbursement for expense reports. Our employees love the timely reimbursement the ACH processing offers.”

Sue Voorhies, Sr. Representative – Finance, L-3 Communications Corporation, USA

“DATABASICS is a wonderful program for any company. When we were beginning our search for a company that offers both time and expense, DATABASICS surpassed the other company, Concur with its easy to use program. Since our company just went public, we now must be “Sox Compliant.” It is a relief to know that DATABASICS is already compliant. Anytime I have had a question/concern, the staff has been wonderful in helping me understand the situation and what we can do to improve our system. DATABASICS Expense (ExpenSite) is very flexible to conforming to our needs and this has been greatly appreciated as the company has been ever-changing. DATABASICS Time (TimeSite) is very user friendly and we have received positive feedback from the employees. For our budget, DATABASICS is a win all around!!”

Tara Farmer, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Seacube Containers LLC.

““We found the DATABASICS Core Training very beneficial in getting the system up and running. The time we spent with our lead consultant on the final afternoon was so invaluable to bring all aspects of the system and the training into clear focus and help us have confidence in the system and our own abilities”

Michael Thornton, Pilot Catastrophe Finance.

“DATABASICS ExpenSite has proven to be a true end-to-end solution in reporting our travel expenses. Not only is it Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, it helps us better manage per diems and ultimate charge-backs for government cost-reimburseable contract work. The ease in which an end-user can pre-populate his/her expense from the credit card site, split charges among separate work/job orders greatly improves reporting efficiencies. Line item reporting also clearly identifies where your dollars are being spent along with the ability to drill down into customized categories. The ability to interface with existing in-house employee software further streamlines the travel expense process and allows ease in adding new travelers to the system.”

Kathy Hall-Zientek, CCTE, CTC, Manager, Travel Services, Moog, Inc.

“Our company is very satisfied with DATABASICS services. Critical Path has used Time since 2007. Time has allowed us to facilitate for improved operational efficiency, predictability and profitability. As a global company it is important for us to have standardized processes across all regions, and as our industry is very dynamic we continue benefitting from DATABASICS services in facilitating for our changing reporting needs. We have always found the staff in DATABASICS to be co-operative and courteous when we request additional reporting features and system customization for our business needs. They are always quick to respond and are helpful at all times. I would like to congratulate them for their support and professionalism. DATABASICS have always been a joy to work with. Thank you and Kind Regards”

Dorota Gargas- Project Manager, Revenue Reporting Specialist, Critical Path Ireland.

“We went live with DATABASICS Time and Expense in October. We used ADP EzLabor for Times Entry and Concur for electronic expenses. Employees have commented on how user friendly DATABASICS Time and Expense system comparing to ADP Time and Concur Expense. DATABASICS was very supportive during our implementation. We were going through a transition at our organization and DATABASICS tried to make it as smooth as possible for us. The project manager working with us was wonderful and was able to adapt to turnover of project managers on our end. Thanks so much for hanging in there through the process. ”

Michelle B. Kutchi, Assistant Director Finance, American Academy of Physician Assistants USA

“Prior to implementing Expense, Rockwell Collins used excel spreadsheets to manage expense reports. Now our employees have web-based access from anywhere in the world with all of the benefits of seamless integration with our accounting system, paperless approval workflows, immediate currency conversions and access to both payment information and historical reports. As a result, our employees are reimbursed more quickly and our projects are charged more accurately. Our DATABASICS consultants have been outstanding; efficient, knowledgeable and creative in meeting our ever-changing business needs. They set a standard for all of our other vendors.”

Joan Decker, Vice President & Controller, Rockwell Collins, USA

“We’ve been using DATABASICS for four years now and we’ve become really big fans of Time & Expense site. We used to have a combination of different software applications and paper forms for our PC, but our old system was just too rigid. I have been very impressed with DATABASICS support service, their commitment and high level of service. They respond very quickly to my requests for assistance. I generally receive a phone call within a matter of minutes of sending a message to them and the problem is generally resolved soon after. DATABASICS works well across all of our platforms and takes the chore out of timekeeping, freeing us up to focus on our clients’ work. It’s accurate, intuitive and flexible! Now we’re able to perform real-time project estimates. We’re glad to have a system in place to ensure that time entry is done right.”

Tracey D. Clark, Accounting Manager, ATSSA

“Wanted to take the time to thank everyone at DATABASICS for all their hard working in getting us updated to V5. We’ve been using Time and Expense since 2005. And as usual, we received great help and support. We have several customization in our Solomon database that requires a little bit more effort, but were handled with precision. …. In additions to the upgrade this year, we moved our server, to be hosted by DATABASICS. The transition was seamless. We are delighted with the new look and feel of V5. I personally am delight to be working with Time and Expense. With having employees across the US and several in Europe, it makes my job easier and more efficient. Thanks!”

Darcy Kooman, Staff Accountant, Stellar Solutions

“We have been using DATABASCS Expense for more than three years. The application has helped us improve efficiencies in the expense reporting process for our international business. The Dynamics GP integration is facilitating for intercompany accounting in multiple currencies, and the DATABASICS Services group has helped us set up a solution that makes it easy to maintain national and regional differences in requirements.”

Justin T. Systems Administrator, Harris Computer Systems

“The main reason we chose DATABASICS was for the product’s ease of use. With almost 2,000 employees, it is critical that we provide our people with software that is easy to learn and intuitive so it can be rolled out with minimal training. DATABASICS flexibility and international capabilities were also key factors in our decision, as well as their integration to our ERP system. DATABASICS was the best all-around decision for PRA Health Sciences.”

Jeannie Inge, Product Manager for Business Systems, PRA Health Sciences

“Both Time and Expense are highly scalable software solutions. We integrated Expense with Microsoft Dynamics AX Accounts Payable module, the result not only that eliminate the previous duplicate data entry processes, it also improve 100% of data accuracy. Furthermore, the time to process time sheet and expense reports has been greatly reduced. The consulting services provided by DATABASICS are outstanding, with our aggressive implementation schedule, the high degree of professionalism and devotion to duty of DATABASICS’ consultant helps us to complete the project on time and within budget, this certainly brings great value to our company.”

Alex Wong, Director of Information Services, Shinko Electric America, Inc.

“We have been using Expense since 2003; it has proven time and time again to be an invaluable tool for us. It has significantly reduced our expense report processing time for both the end user and accounts payable. It integrated very easily into our accounting system therefore eliminating all manual entry. As a holdings company and government contractor we have a very complex general ledger structure, we have inter-company transactions and very specific policies and procedures that must be enforced. The DATABASICS’ staff has taken the time to understand our business requirements in order to maximize our investment and as a result they have been able to anticipate potential issues before they become a problem. Their support team is one of the most responsive and pleasant that I have ever worked with.”

Sharon Wade, Accounting Operations Director, SMS Holdings Corp.

“Our organization works with a number of government contracts in which we are required to be compliant in time & expense reporting. DATABASICS was chosen to replace our time & expense reporting systems, for it’s ease of use and DCAA compliancy. Given the complexity of our accounting & project systems, in which Time & Expense had to interface, the DATABASICS staff utilized their extensive knowledge and were able to provide us with a smooth implementation. Not only did Time & Expense prove easy to use for our staff, but it also helped us save time & money through streamlining our processes.”

Terri Barlage, Accounting Manager, TechSolve, Inc.

“We have been using DATABASICS Expense since 2004. From the very beginning the people at DATABASICS have been a joy to work with. Everyone I have dealt with has been very accessible and helpful. We have some unique needs in our expense reporting and they have always worked hard to understand our needs and provide a good solution. We have recently gone through a version upgrade and the support has been wonderful. The product itself is great and priced well and we look forward to using more features in the near future to utilize the product even more.”

Jim Pollard, Accounts Payable Manager, TN Farmers Insurance Co., USA

“We have been using DATABASICS ExpenSite since 2008 and have been pleased with the software and customer service. It integrates with both our accounting and practice management systems reducing manual, redundant entries. As a family of companies, we have a complex general ledger structure with inter-company transactions and very specific policies & procedures that must be enforced. During the project, the team took the time to understand our business requirements and follow-up on issues in a timely manner. The support group is a pleasure to work with as well.”

Ryan McWaters, Director of Project Management, LBMC. USA

“Time is great, it was easy to configure to meet our structure, and allowed us to standardize our project reporting. As a project management tool, it is very flexible and useful. We love it. We live by it.”

F. Brent Cunningham, Director, Project Finance, CroMedica Global, Inc.