Mileage Tracking

Mileage Tracker App

Automate mileage tracking with the right controls in place

DATABASICS Expense takes the pain out of tracking mileage reimbursement with a mileage tracker app that minimizes questions about accuracy of mileage logs. Point-to-point Google Maps-based mileage and expenses calculations replace driver odometer logs. As a result, you ensure compliance, reduce manual effort, and make reimbursements transparent.

Mileage Tracker App & Mileage Reimbursement

Simplify reporting and mileage reimbursement with our automated mobile mileage tracker app

Drivers can automatically track miles driven with the flexibility to manually start and stop a drive. This solution creates a fully transparent GPS mileage log. Then, the log is sent automatically to DATABASICS Expense using the mobile device your employees already carry in their pocket.

The challenge comes in ensuring that the employee is reimbursed for all their miles (with commute mileage deduction). Plus, you also need to get accurate reports of business expenses that won’t set off auditing red flags. DATABASICS has an answer that solves both problems: a mobile mileage tracking app.

DATABASICS Expense provides easy way mileage and expense tracking.

Key features of our mobile mileage tracker app:

  • Easy To Use: Use the mileage tracker app to start & stop with the click of a button
  • Google Maps: Enter where you went and where you left for quick calculations
  • Commute Miles: Ensure that you only reimburse mileage for business purposes, not the usual commute
  • Accurate Log Reporting: Reduce mileage, resulting in more precise reports that save money compared to estimated reporting
  • Compliance: We’ve got you covered, from enforcing company policies to ensuring electronic logging device (ELD) compliance
  • GPS & IP Address Tracking: Capture GPS & IP address data to track commute miles, routes, arrival and departure times
  • Audit Trail: Detailed reporting shows a history of information. As a result, you get a full audit trail of mileage tracked. Data can be drilled down by department or by employee
  • Mileage Tracker App: Drivers have real-time access, anytime, anywhere, all from their own mobile device
  • No Hardware Needed: GPS technology and Google Maps means there is no need for third-party hardware

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