Business Rules Management

Time & Expense Compliance

Automate and enforce your unique business rules

A successful company has firm business rules in place. Policies and regulations prevent surprises in your budget. However, they also make sure your careful budget goes as far as possible. Experience a new way of doing business today. This innovative automated time and expense compliance management system mitigates compliance risk. It also keeps your spend in check. Try this future-proof solution that scales with your business.

Business Rules Management

Easy time and expense compliance management.

You do you. You’ve built company expense compliance through rules and policies. That’s because you know what works for you and you know its importance. You shouldn’t have to change your policies to meet the requirements of software.

Make it yours. Use our system to automate your unique policies. Feed your rules into our expense report policy engine. Then, you’ll come out the other side with an easy-to-use system. Prevent financial surprises and adheres to your policies.

Change it up. DATABASICS is here with a time and expense compliance system that makes policy changes easy. We can help whether your rules come from statutory laws, governmental requirements, or company growth. The policy engine makes it easy to alter an existing policy or create a new one from scratch.

Experience the difference. If your approval process is complicated, we can help. If you think an automated approval process can’t possibly help, we ask you to see it for yourself.

  • DATABASICS Policy Engine: Easily add or modify your policies and control spend. Use this expense management solution to get employees to adhere to your policies
  • Time & Expense Compliance: Enforce your company’s unique business requirements. Get full employee adoption to control costs and reduce potential misunderstands
  • Global Country-Specific Laws & Statutory Laws: From state regulations to country-specific regulatory requirements, you can ensure that where ever your employees are, they are globally compliant
  • DCAA, DOL, and FAR Compliance: Comply with the regulations for proper financial management. Government and USAID contractors must be Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Federal Travel Regulations, DOL (Department of Labor) compliant for audits
  • Travel and Expense Policy (T&E): Get more control with pre-trip approvals to control business travel spend. Take corrective actions before the trip. Apply rules for airline class, meals, lodging, taxi, meetings/attendees, etc.
  • Multi-company & Intercompany Rules: Scale your business while ensuring full time and expense compliance. Gain consolidation with firm control
  • HR Policies: From multi-company/multi-policy management, our built-in compliance program ensures due diligence concerning your leave management program. Manage compliance with legislation (i.e., Overtime Law & FMLA), carry-over rules, PTO, sick leave, contractual obligations, etc.

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