Gain visibility, ensure compliance, & maximize your resources.


Open communications between your critical systems & save money.


An easy-to-use,
mobile, automated
global solution.


Streamline your payables through imaging and workflow automation.

Automated Timesheet & Expense Reporting Software

Great employee tracking software has four essential qualities: ease of use for admins and employees; “future-proof” functionality to meet changing business needs; customer service at the heart of the product; and real-time data accessible from any device, anytime.

DATABASICS provides all four with an outstanding, intuitive user experience in a mobile application with award-winning customer support that is built to provide world-class data and analytics at your fingertips.

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DATABASICS provides innovative software on all your devices

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Future-Proof Your Business

The DATABASICS Time & Expense solutions provide innovative applications that will ensure compliance, in any jurisdiction and language, with an elegant front-end, and a flexible engine to meet your needs now, and in the future.

Future-proof your business with DATABASICS.

Open Data Integrations

Employee reporting should be hassle free.

Why limit your employees to work on expense reports and timesheets from a computer? Submitting or approving reports is easy and convenient from any phone, tablet, or other mobile device!

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