Home Healthcare & DATABASICS

Better Together

A mobile solution to support your mission of care.

At DATABASICS, we understand the challenges you face in supporting a mobile workforce while maintaining compliance, controlling costs and tracking clients and employees. That’s why so many home healthcare organizations rely on us for time tracking and expense management. We’ve brought together our two world-class tracking systems, DATABASICS Time and DATABASICS Expense, into a single, powerful solution specifically built for home healthcare organizations. The result is better efficiency, transparency and control—so you can focus on better patient outcomes.

How Databasics Helps Home Healthcare

Manage time and expense

Empower your home healthcare employees to accomplish all their labor and expense reporting tasks in a single, automated solution.

Track mileage

DATABASICS enables home healthcare workers to track their mileage with the click of a button—no third-party hardware required.

Get approval for patients and projects

Our time and expense software allows you to manage even the most complex projects, with no need to manipulate data manually.

Enable detailed reporting and auditing

Our cloud-based, real-time auditing tools make it easy for you to stay compliant. Get a complete audit trail of all activity, with receipts, transactions and status all presented on the same screen.

Go mobile

Your time and expense software should be as mobile as your employees are. Give your people the power to submit expense reports and track time with the device already in their pocket.

When it comes to managing time and expense, “good enough” is never good enough. At DATABASICS, we believe in the power of better—in the power of better solutions driving better decisions for better results.

We’re here to support your mission of care. And we’re committed to helping your home healthcare organization maintain accountability while keeping administrative costs to a minimum.


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