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Employee Leave Management

One of the most challenging areas of employee time management is leave administration. While many organizations have straight-forward policies that lend themselves to automation, too often these policies get stretched, patched, circumvented, and otherwise compromised to the point that the system cannot keep up.

DATABASICS Absence Leave Management is designed to work in the real world. It not only accommodates your rules but has the flexibility to accommodate the kind of one-off situations that inevitably arise.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Accrual Methods
    Methods for accruing leave vary across an enterprise. Business unit, pay period, position, years of service—many variables are typically taken into account in accruing leave. Certain employees may even have personalized methods. DATABASICS Absence Leave Management accommodates the full breadth of your leave variations including granting and taking of Comp Time.
  • Request for Leave with Approval Workflow
    Need to coordinate the leave of teams and work groups? Know leave balances before granting leave? Be able to control leave “advances”? Validate leave against prior approvals? With DATABASICS Absence Leave Management, employees can plan their time-off and supervisors can schedule leave to minimize the impact of absences. What’s more, while the employee is away, timesheets can still be automatically generated and submitted.
  • Configurable Carry-over Rules
    Carry-over rules often have as many variants in an organization as accruals and are far more prone to exceptions—surrendering earned leave is always a sensitive subject. DATABASICS Absence Leave Management is designed to provide full transparency and control of carry-over policy administration.
  • Administrator Overrides with Full Audit Trail
    No set of automated rules can encompass all the situations that arise in Human Resource management. What happens in the case of ‘one-offs”? Administrators will no longer have to keep separate spreadsheets. They can make changes to the leave balances of individual employees with complete audit visibility.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    With DATABASICS Absence Leave Management, employees see the rules & policies with up-to-date balances, supervisors have a clear view of resource availability, and administrators can evaluate policies, analyze leave patterns, and can be confident that necessary internal controls are in place.
  • Easy Transition
    Our DATABASICS Professional Services team has the experience and tools to make moving over from your current process as straightforward, fast, efficient, and accurate as possible.

What to find more? Download the Absence Leave Management Solution Sheet.

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DATABASICS Absence Leave Management automatically calculates employee leave balances based upon your policies. Accurate, transparent, and flexible – it helps you coordinate absences, track one-off agreements, and minimize errors and misunderstandings.