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Leave Management 10 Best Practices WebinarNEW

Managing absence leave can be tough. While many organizations have well-designed policies, too often the policies end up buried in the back pages of the Personnel Manual.

Empowering HR with Technology: Beyond Best PracticesNEW

As a Human Resources leader, you should take an active role in deciding which applications will be rolled out to your teams, because the stakes are high. And in reality, most organizations require your participation in these decisions. You have the ability to specify those applications that will advance your agenda, streamline your operation, and provide you with data-driven insight.

Video: DATABASICS Expense Management & Reporting

DATABASICS Expense Management & Reporting

Make expense reporting easy for everyone with a global solution that’s mobile, cost-effective, and built to fit your requirements.

Video: DATABASICS Time Management & Reporting

DATABASICS Time Management & Reporting

DATABASICS Time is a complete timesheet management solution. It’s easy-to-use, saves time, and streamlines simple to complex projects. Manage resources better, eliminate manual time reporting, and reduce days outstanding for billable work.

Video: DATABASICS Expense Management with Intacct Accounting Integration

DATABASICS Expense Management with Intacct Accounting Integration

DATABASICS Expense is a complete employee expense report solution. It’s easy-to-use, saves time, reduces travel spend, and easily integrates with Intacct accounting software.

Video: DATABASICS Time Management with Intacct Accounting Integration

DATABASICS Time Management with Intacct Accounting Integration

DATABASICS Time is a complete time tracking & reporting solution. It’s easy-to-use, supports simple to complex projects, and streamlines the workflow process. With DATABASICS Time, you can better manage resource use, reduce administrative overhead for time reporting, and reduce Days Outstanding for billable work.

Getting Started with DATABASICSFeatured

Learn how quick & easy it is to get started as we walk you through the short path to increased savings. Download “Getting Started with DATABASICS” to see just how easy it is to partner with DATABASICS.

Expense Management & Reporting

DATABASICS Expense is a complete employee expense reporting solution. It’s easy-to-use, saves staff time, and reduces company travel spend. With DATABASICS Expense, you can automate your policies, your workflow, and the reporting & application integration you need. It’s that simple.

Time Management & Reporting

DATABASICS Time is a complete time tracking & reporting solution. It’s easy-to-use, supports simple to complex projects, and streamlines the workflow process. With DATABASICS Time, you can better manage resource use, reduce administrative overhead for time reporting, and reduce Days Outstanding for billable work.

Employee Leave ManagementNEW

DATABASICS Employee Leave Management is designed to work in the real world. It not only accommodates your rules but has the flexibility to accommodate the kind of one-off situations that inevitably arise.

Vendor Invoice Management

Together with Expense Reporting, DATABASICS Vendor Invoice Management brings the full range of an organization’s purchasing activity under a single, adaptable, transparent system of controls.

P-Card (Purchase Card) Expense Management

DATABASICS P-Card Expense Management solution can significantly reduce costs for companies in the Healthcare, Non-profit, Federal Contracting, and other sectors.

DATABASICS Partnership with OracleNEW

Turbo-Charge your Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft Financial Modules. We know time. We know expenses. And we can provide best-in-class time and expense solutions that are insanely flexible, intuitive, bullet-proof and user friendly.

Intacct Integration: DATABASICS Time & Expense Reporting

DATABASICS is the leader in integrated time and expense reporting. While the integration will be beneficial to a broad range of organizations, it will be of particular value to those with project billing or cost/fund accounting requirements, such as professional services firms, non-profits, and federal contractors.

Sunshine Act Compliance (Open Payments)

The Sunshine Act (Open Payments) creates challenges for companies who need to collect and manage a new set of data. If your company provides medical devices, supplies, or drugs to physicians or medical centers, you’re now required to report all payments and gifts you might give to those customers.

Federal, State & Government Contractors

Managing travel, expense, and labor-driven programs can get very complicated when you add in compliance issues and complex regulations. DATABASICS helps government departments navigate through these complications with a robust solution specifically developed to meet the requirements of the federal government, state & local agencies, and related contractors.

Corporate Solutions

Configuring our solutions to meet each customer’s specific business needs, DATABASICS helps companies with 50 to 50,000+ employees optimally manage their travel and entertainment expenses, track and control labor costs, and automate invoice processing.

Travel Management Solutions

DATABASICS helps travel management companies (TMCs) offer a new service to their clients – a way to manage travel and entertainment expenses by automating the entire process. By tightly integrating TMC and expense data, global travel customers save time and money as DATABASICS Expense is specifically designed to meet the needs of both domestic & international travel.

Professional Services

The core purpose of Professional Services automation is to capture billable activity. DATABASICS Time and Expense solutions give you the power and flexibility to meet the most demanding contractual requirements.

Nonprofits & NGOs

As with most organizations, non-profits vary in size and scope, and that’s why your software solution cannot be “one-size fits all”. We know accountability is key and you need tailored and flexible solutions to meet unique business needs and statutory requirements. DATABASICS solutions are easy-to-use and meets both non-profit and association record-keeping and accuracy standards.

Managing Complexity at CALIBRE:
DATABASICS Employee Reporting PlatformNEW

CALIBRE Systems, Inc. (CALIBRE) is a management consulting and information technology solutions company supporting government and industry. Its project-based business model entails a great deal of complexity, especially in the area of employee reporting. Learn how DATABASICS provided CALIBRE an employee reporting platform that simplified the back-end ecosystem, while providing managers with ease-of-use in tracking, compliance, reporting, and analysis.

Migrating from IBM GERS to DATABASICS Expense

TimBar is a market leader in the Packaging & Display industry providing retail marketing displays, industrial packaging, and specialty corrugated products since 1955. Learn how TimBar’s move to DATABASICS Expense provided a solution that not only replaced IBM GERS, but increased efficiencies in expense reporting use and administration.

Managing P-Cards with DATABASICS Expense

HCR ManorCare is a leading provider of short-term post-acute and long-term care, rehabilitation, memory care, hospice and home health care. See how HCR ManorCare extended its implementation of DATABASICS Expense to manage its P-Card program.

Global Support and SAP Integration with DATABASICS Expense Reporting

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music company with a current roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. Sony Music has been a DATABASICS Expense customer since 2008. Learn how Sony Music’s move to DATABASICS Expense gave them a flexible solution that supported standardization across the organization.

10 REAL Questions to Ask When Choosing a Global Expense SolutionNEW

Global expense implementations pose unique challenges: local statutory requirements, standards, and customs in addition to intra-enterprise variability with respect to business processes, policies, accounting and integrations. Keys to success in meeting these challenges are (1) understanding local requirements, (2) knowing what questions to ask and how to find answers, (3) having necessary functionality available, including flexibility in being able to limit and assign the scope of configurations, (4) leveraging solutions to common requirements across applicable localities and (5) maintaining the capacity to “roll-up” information to regional or enterprise levels. Within this white paper you will find the 10 questions to ask to help ensure that your procurement for a global expense reporting system is successful.

Time & Expense Reporting Software: Evaluating Your OptionsNEW

Evaluating options for any kind of software is a real headache. Not so long ago, Big Brother IT took care of all of our technology needs. Now, business unit and functional leaders have been “liberated” from IT, with the mandate, budget and authority to evaluate, implement and operate their very own applications. Of course, this is a generalization; most companies have mixed models around how they buy technology, and it’s a wide spectrum. In this guide to evaluating Time & Expense needs, you will learn who the multiple constituencies are and what they likely care about so that it’s clear how to choose the best system while accommodating trade-offs and compromises.

Top Three Trends in Enterprise Travel Expense Reporting 2017NEW

The automation of Travel Expense reporting via web-based solutions is turning 20 years old. Solutions have come a long way since dial-up access and browser based plug-ins. The market continues to be reshaped as technology and a younger workforce put demands on corporations and the solutions they deploy. As we look to 2017 here are the top three trends in Enterprise Travel Expense Expense Reporting.

FMLA Compliance: Tracking a Moving TargetNEW

FMLA has been rightly hailed as breakthrough legislation for helping employees to manage their lives, without having to worry about job security. Yet it is also one of the most complicated and bewildering set of employment laws for Human Resource professionals to administer. Or, to put it another way, employee leave legislation is a well-intended nightmare.

How did a progressive policy become a minefield of potential lawsuits?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Expense Receipts

Optical Character Recognition or OCR as it’s generally known, can be a big help in receipt management. With OCR, receipt images are read by “machine”, and the information you need from them is automatically extracted. Ideally, all you have to do to record a transaction is photograph the receipt and let the software take it from there. Easy enough, but vendors differ significantly in their OCR capabilities. That’s why it’s important that you know what to look for if you want to maximize the potential benefits.

Expense Reporting Evaluation

Expense Reporting Evaluation is as much about your organization as it is about the products. An expense reporting solution affects a number of constituencies, and each has a distinct point of view. A successful selection process is essentially a reconciliation of competing priorities. Find out who wants what and why.

The Emergence of Millennials in the Workplace

According to some industry experts, the emergence of Millennials in the workplace makes it imperative that we rethink our approach to managing travel. Are they right? Count us among the skeptics. Just to get our terms straight, Millennials are those of us who were born in the twenty-year band beginning in the early 80’s. According to a 2007 Forester report, Millennials are  truly different. You have to adapt to them. What does this mean for corporate travel?

The Seven Deadly Sins of Travel Policy

Why is it that travel policy is held in such low esteem by travelers who flaunt it and by senior managers who fail to enforce it? The answer may well be that too many travel policies are mortally flawed. Yes, mortally — by The Seven Deadly Sins of Travel Policy! Herewithin are reasons why your travel policy may be cursed (at least by your employees).

The Sunshine Act (Open Payments): Compliance in Expense Reporting

DATABASICS offers enhanced tracking, policy and reporting functionality to allow compliance with the Sunshine Act (Open Payments) as part of the Expense reporting process for expenditures associated with direct marketing to Health Care Providers (HCP). The application provides a solution that simplifies the tracking of expenses incurred in the direct marketing to physicians down to the level of detail required by federal law. The application also facilitates for meeting individual States’ additional rules and threshold limits. Ensuring HCP compliance and risk mitigation with a proven solution for aggregate spend reporting.

Leave Management 10 Best Practices — Don’t Get Burned!NEW

Empower your Human Resources’ team with this eBook and be up to date on the latest ideas for managing leave in your organization and learn how to not get burned!

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